The Apple Corporation's Clever Marketing Strategies

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Apple is “the world’s most colorful company,” Linzmayer, Owen . Apple Confidential 2.0. 1st. San Francisco, CA: No Starch Press, 2004. When looking at its meager beginnings Apple’s influence on the media could only be described as unique. Their product, style, and overall beliefs make the Apple Corporation a multi-billion dollar company with a general appeal for all ages. It is getting harder and harder to be an individual, so with Apple you can “rise above the norm” and be unique. Recently, this unique corporation has taken the media by storm, with their new line of products. Right along side these new products are a full line of new commercials to go along with them. These new commercials spawned from years of creative marketing done on Apple’s part. Studying the history of Apple is necessary to understanding their influence upon us today.
It all started in the garage of a twenty-something Steve Jobs. He and a friend put what little money they had together ($1300) to make the first computer for Apple, and thus Apple was born. The idea for the first Apple motherboard was made by Jobs while he was on LSD. He was quoted in the New York Times saying, “Taking LSD is one of two or three of the best decisions I have ever made.” Markoff, John. "New York Times." What the Dormouse Said 2005: 3. Steve Jobs talks about his early success when stating, “when I was 23 I had a net worth of over a million dollars, at 24 it was over $10 million, and at 25 it was over $100 million.” Steve Jobs is a true embodiment of what Apple is: unique. Co-founder Steve Wozniak said this about Jobs, “With Steve Jobs you never know exactly where an idea comes from.” This is what Apple is, not conventional and predictable. However, when looking at their marketing scheme, it follows a pretty predictable formula.
Apple’s first commercial appeared in 1984 during the Super Bowl. The commercial was a parody of the book “1984.” The commercial showed a young athletic woman wearing bright red jogging shorts running toward a giant screen. The screen portrayed a man dictating to hundreds of skinheads, and the girl ran up to the screen and broke it with a baseball bat. The symbolism in this commercial was the main reason it was a pivotal portrayal of Apple in the media.
The symbolism of the giant man on the screen represented IBM, and the thousands of skinheads were mindless consumers. Apple was the young athletic woman who broke the screen and freed the thousands of skinheads from a life of monotony with PCs. This new commercial “broke all the rules, and the reaction has been, in a word, unprecedented,” as stated by Steve Hayden in the San Francisco Chronicle, 1984. This commercial was one of the most significant pieces of advertisement that Apple could show, because it explained their philosophy in one fell swoop. This commercial informed the public about what Apple really stood for—rebellion.
The people Apple markets toward are the creative individuals. One of the former...

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