The Applicability Of Social Psychology Within Business

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I have chosen the topic of social psychology and its uses within business. I chose this topic due to my pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Business Management. I am also in the process of starting my own company and know that it is important to not only know what your customers want and need, but also your employees. I have gained this insight as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps. Being able to use the techniques researched and their effects will have a positive impact on my future career.
The uses of psychology within the field of business are very broad; this paper will identify and discuss areas in which psychology could assist business. Psychologists and ...view middle of the document...

A psychologist could assist in answering this type of question to assist the businessman in determining the customer’s inner needs. Dichter goes on to state that “The psychologist can be helpful in finding out the needs and innermost wishes the consumer expects to be filled by a type of product” (p. 434). Rather than a shovel merely being marketed as the best in quality the company could show a specific use such as planting an apple tree, then cut to a scene of the person whom planted the tree picking and eating an apple grown from the tree. This would appeal to those that want to care for plants, garden, or just want their own apple tree. Viewers of this commercial would then associate the shovel displayed to the emotions felt or provoked upon watching the commercial. Though marketing is a huge area in which social psychology could be used it is not the only one.
Building customer loyalty can be done in a variety of ways. If a company is the only provider of a service or has a niche in the marketplace than they have no competitors and loyalty is not as big of a factor as it would be for a small company with limited funds that is competing against a large company with seemingly endless amounts of cash. However, if a company focuses on understanding the underlying motives of customer loyalty companies can increase that loyalty in a meaningful way (Coyles & Gokey, 2002, p. 89). Customer loyalty is a major factor that can either make or break a company. Replacing a high-valued loyal customer normally takes earning eleven or so new customers.
The customer, believe it or not, is not the only one that a company must keep happy. Employee satisfaction is a very high priority for most companies. Companies not only want to entice the best to work for their company, but also to stay with their business for many years. Studies...

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