The Use Of Code Switching In Teaching English As A Second Language

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English is an important language that is should be mastered by people around the world. It is used as a common language or lingua franca which is a language used for communication between people whose first language differ (Holmes, 1992). Increasingly, English is used for many printed information in our daily life. A great deal of the world’s scientific, commercial, economic, and technological information is written and published in English. That is the reason why students of elementary school up to university learn English as second language (ESL) or foreign language (EFL) nowadays.
In the context of ESL/EFL learning process, a class has a really important role. That is the main place where the learners are given many kind of target language input. So that is why, the class should be set maximally. In order to do that, teacher should concern on many aspects. Besides of the methods or techniques which are used, the use of language by teacher famously called by “teacher talk” (TT) is the important factor which can support the learning process in a class. On the other sentence, we can say that the implementation of method, technique and TT which are suitable for students in a class can facilitate the learning process optimally, improve student’s knowledge and improve their language competence.
Specifically, TT is used in creating a meaningful interaction in the class. By using TT as a learning resource, teacher hopes the student can notice the target language input given, negotiate the meaning, and practice the language by responding the teacher’s instructions. Through this way, students are expected to be facilitated and have a big chance to be active in teaching and learning process so that they can improve their knowledge about language by using it. Besides that, TT is also used as a media to organize the class to implement the lesson plan in order to reach the goal of teaching and learning. Chaudron said that language which is used by the teacher in the class is not only used as a lesson object but also as a media to reach the goal of teaching (Chaudron, 1988).
The use of TT can be classified into effective TT when the students can actively participated into language learning process. When the teacher uses TT, it does not always mean that he or she has already success to make the effective learning. The teacher should measure that he or she uses TT which is understood comprehensively by the students.
Although the use of TT seems like something ideal to do, it is not an easy job. Sometimes, students do not understand the target language which is used by the teacher. When it is happen, the teacher tries to negotiate the meaning of their utterance but sometimes it does not work. One more problem occurs when we know that every single student has a different linguistic competence. The implication of this problem is teachers have to be really careful in choosing TT that they use in the class. The problems above make the teachers have to explore their...

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