The Apprenticeship Of Wild Geese A Comparative Essay Between "The Appreticeship Of Duddy Kravitz" By Mordecai Richler And "Wild Geese" By Martha Ostenso

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Wild Geese and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz are two very similar classic Canadian novels. To begin with, the main characters in both books (Caleb Gare and Duddy Kravitz) care only about themselves and what they can get. Furthermore, these main characters both hurt many people along the way to getting what they want. Finally, both novels have their "pathetic" characters that never stand up for themselves and always get pushed around. These two books by Martha Ostenso and Mordecai Richler can be easily compared. The protagonist's in both novels are similar in their values. Firstly, they both thought that, "nobody helps me except myself - what else should I care about?" Secondly, Caleb and Duddy would have done anything for land or to protect the land they had. Caleb blackmailed Fusi Aronson into selling him land that he lusted after. Caleb also died trying to protect his land when the muskeg swallowed him up. Whereas Duddy forged cheques, employed, tricked, and manipulated a feeble man (Virgil) so that he became severely injured in a vehicle collision, and worse to procure and protect his land. His grandfather had told him that "a man without land is nobody" so he centered his life around pleasing Simcha by procuring land by whatever means possible. The players of lead roles in these two books have many similar negative attributes. In both of these somewhat similar novels, the main characters stop at nothing to get what they want even if it hurts someone close to them. In Caleb's case, he "would stop at nothing to achieve some perverse object, or satisfy a groundless grudge." Caleb went to the extent of almost killing his wife (Amelia), and he would of if he hadn't been distracted by the fact that his land/fields were on fire. With Duddy it was somewhat of the same case, but not to the same extent. He treated his partner (Yvette) and close friend like garbage, and thought of her as only a possession or an asset in order to get the land he wanted. Also, Duddy used Virgil, an invalid who frequently had seizures, to get things he needed. He employed him at a cheap rate, stole money from his back account, and so on. In order to achieve their worldly goals, these two characters were extremely abusive to those close to them. Wild...

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750 words - 3 pages Throughout the novel Duddy tries to become someone who deserves respect. He wants to prove everyone that he can become a "somebody" and believes he can make Max and Simcha proud of him. Duddy Kravitz grew up without much support from his family: his mother Minnie died, when he was about six years old, and he doesn't remember anything about her, and Max, his father, clearly preferred Lennie, his older son, to Duddy. Max loved to tell his friends

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925 words - 4 pages being more than a worthy friend. However, it is his attitude of indifference, along with his steadfast race to acquire land that ultimately drives those who matter away.To conclude, it is the conflict of Duddy's roles as a businessman, relative and friend that brings forth the stark clarity of Duddy's strengths and weaknesses which form the foundation of his personality and choices, ultimately leaving him with a vast amount of land that serves to accentuate his human failures and his unsettling future.Works Cited:Richler, Mordecai. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Canada: Penguin. 1995.

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581 words - 2 pages Wild Geese, the classic Canadian novel by Martha Ostenso, is written from a very non-feminist point of view. To begin with, it can be seen throughout the novel that Caleb Gare doesn't give Lind Archer the time of day. Furthermore, it is the women on the farm who work the hardest and are treated the worst. Finally, it is Amelia who takes the blame for anything bad that occurs. The book Wild Geese shows us a narrow-minded view of the female

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942 words - 4 pages Family Ties      “We’re one family and we should stick together, just like the Rockefellers. In our own small way, I mean.” As boy living on St. Urbain Street in the ghetto of Montreal, Duddy Kravitz, the main character in Mordecai Richler’s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, is budding in a society where people with wealth and power are highly respected. However, the complexity of a person’s character, like Duddy’s

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686 words - 3 pages The Art of a Friendship: Duddy Kravitz Style"A man without land is nobody", and with these words Duddy sets out on his quest. The novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is about a young man who, after hearing those words, from his grandfather, goes throughout life with the ambition to own a lot of land by a lake in rural Quebec. Throughout the story Duddy meets two very special people that play a major role in his life and

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796 words - 3 pages . And one is wrong when he thinks that he can easily move form the lower class to another.In "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", Duddy, the protagonist of the novel is a part of the lower class, he is only a high school graduate. But Duddy doesn't need any higher education to quickly understand that money is one of the biggest differences between the lower and higher classes of society. Throughout the whole novel, he tries to jump from the lower

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1843 words - 7 pages determination, which is why he has become a wellknown character throughout Canadian Literature. The attitude of Duddy Kravitz is one ofhis main vices, but it is miniscule when compared to his will to succeed.Duddy is a man who is bound and determined to succeed, which is evidentthroughout the novel as he is frequently talking about success, "a man without land isnothing" (Richler, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, 42). Duddy frequently findshimself

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1299 words - 5 pages alive and move at the same time. The wild geese demonstrate the freedom of movement and life that is part of nature. The geese are not held by human’s societal constraints but are able to move freely any way they wish. The world then “offers itself to your imagination” which suggests that the way for the reader to be free is to allow movement and creativity. By accepting movement and creativity, the reader can then find a “place in the family of

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594 words - 2 pages In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, a book written by Mordecai Richler, women are represented as if they are of a lower status than men. The women that are presented in this novel include Yvette Durelle, Minnie Kravitz, Ida Kravitz, Linda Rubin, and Sandra Calder. Minnie Kravitz is the mother of Duddy. She didn’t really get a chance to have any relationship with Duddy, as she passed away while Duddy was still young. The memories Duddy

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6326 words - 25 pages In the novel, Wild Geese, by Martha Ostenso, the members of the Gare household struggle immensely under the oppressiveness of Caleb Gare, the father and Amelia Gare, the mother. The children of the Gare family face many obstacles, such as lack of voice, lack of control, and limited possibilities. Although Ostenso's Wild Geese is an award winning piece of literature, much of the novels significance and power has been lost over time. The control

The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz Essay

515 words - 2 pages The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is the tale of a young greedy boy who feels that money is his path to happiness and pride. Duddy simply stomps all over his friends and his family as well (to a certain extent). Richler feels unreserved sympathy towards Duddy because, in essence, Duddy is Richler written down and diversified. Duddy is a character based on Mordecai’s own personality. Duddy Kravitz is a crook, a

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1026 words - 4 pages In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, a book written by Mordecai Richler, women are represented as if they are of a lower status and importance than men. These female characters include Yvette Durelle, Minnie Kravitz, Ida Kravitz, Linda Rubin, and Sandra Calder. Each of these female characters are in possession of negative attributes; ranging from helplessness, to deceitfulness, and all the way up to inanimateness. Minnie Kravitz is the

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928 words - 4 pages Dr. Richler Examines the Human FlawsThe novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is a satirical novel that examines many prominent human flaws. Many of these flaws are satirized through the characters in The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Richler uses Mr. Friar, Mr. Cohen and Duddy Kravitz to satirize three specific human flaws; Richler uses Friar to satirize artistic pretension, Cohen to satirize unscrupulous business

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510 words - 2 pages In the novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Mordecai Richler punishes Duddy for his wrongs against others in several ways. Each punishment fits the crime, and there is an irony about each one. The three punishments inflicted on Duddy at the end of the novel are the loss of Simcha's love, the loss of his friends, and the absence of any funds to build on his property.The loss of Simcha's love is a devastating blow for Duddy. This is evident

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