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The Appropriate Number Of Workstations Needed

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The first order of business to address is the assembly line. The assembly line needs to be organized and systematic. It would be in the best interest for the workflow to also specify the appropriate number of workstations needed. I would suggest utilizing the strategies focused around balancing and perfecting the assembling processes of the Shanghai Production Facility owned and operated by Shuzworld. The goal of assemble and balance strategy is to create an effective layout that will allow the company to achieve production goals and compete with other market contenders. The major priorities of a business who is competitive are process, adaptability, consumer connection and condition of work being proper for the employees. When a proper work flow is assembled, these priorities can be meet.
There are many layouts of work flow available and my choice for Shuzworld is the Product Oriented Layout. This layout displays the ability for a company to have long term operation productivity. Product Oriented Layout allows a company to achieve high utilization of work area, equipment, work, and also leads to upgraded stream of materials and information. This layout will also lead to the moral of employees being higher, the daily operations being safer, and the experience interfacing with consumers will be raised.
It is my recommendation to management that the work flow be divided into 6 total workstations. Each station would be responsible for a certain task leading to the production of the final product, the work boot.

Station# Task Time
1 A 10
2 B,C 9
3 D 8
4 E,F,G 10
5 H 9

Each station in the workstation layout will operate with a cycle at ten minutes or fewer at each station. The total time needed for all 5 stations will be 46 minutes. Stations number 2 and 4 are multiple process stations. With this said, this means that the employees at these stations will need to be skilled in multiple tasks. The cross training of these employees will lead to keeping the production line moving smoothly and potentially even speeding up the production time over time. By putting into play this layout of operation, the production of the Rugged Wear Work Boots will not only be methodical, but will also save the company in production costs.
The use of this choice of layout design will upgrade workflow by reducing the variation between equipment and workers, yet still allowing for the meeting the necessary production goals. It can be concluded that choosing this layout strategy is supported by a large demand for equipment utilization, the demand for the work boots is large enough to warrant specialized equipment, and the raw materials used in production of the boots will function well with the new equipment. The layout will not only eliminate 2 workstations from the current workflow layout, but it will also create a polished, sustained flow...

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