The April 20th 2010 Rig Explosion In The Middle Of The Gulf Of Mexico

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April 20th 2010 Rig explosion in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. During the rig explosion. 13 crew members did die. During this over 60,000 oils of oil were being added to the slick each and every day. During this time around 1 week in we found out that the problem was that a well underwater around 5000ft under the sea level the seal for the underwater well had been cracked due to such high pressures. Uws. Were sent down at the time to check how bad the crack was to see how and when they could repair the well and or stop the leak. During the leak many boaters were sent from all docks to go and Send packets of dissolver’s to start dissolving the oil to try to lighten the oil or dethicken the oil. Federal advisories were still allowing all other oil companies to continue drilling in the gulf.
Federal funding and claims for the BP oil spill became to uproar.
Some estimates with the budget starting reaching over $100 billion dollars.
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During this time the well did sink to the bottom of the sea floor but the hoses arose from the depth and started letting oil seep out of the hose and while it was floating on the surface of the water while it was letting out oil the oil did start to catch on fire and start a raging fire across the gulf of Mexico and boats had a very hard time getting the fire getting out due to the fact that it was a oil fire which are more dense and harder to put out due to unthinking the oil was a hard job to do while it was on fire. During this time oil was drained from the Pipes to avoid this from happening again many oil companies. Came in and helped cleanup but it barely just started.
Cleanup in the shores after the deepwater horizon seal failure Many beaches and marshy areas have been affected. Beaches are covered in oil and tons of sand are having to be removed due to the oil is at the deeper layers of the sand apx. 5000 animals are killed during this many birds, sea lions, fish species, sharks,swans,alligators basically and creature in the ocean or marshy areas near the effects were being covered in oil not only is that harder for them to swim but after the fish or anything has swallowed the oil it would basically shutdown their entire system. Total dumped into the Gulf of Mexico 11 million gallons of petroleum oil into the Gulf of Mexico as stated before this effect had hurt many underwater and land water species. Dawn
Sent many workers and volunteers To go and help clean the petroleum off the animals that can be found and Dawn also sent millions of dollars to help the cleanup effect as this can seem like a lot the estimated total can be near a grossing 11,000,000,000 Billion U.S Dollars.
"Application of science and engineering to quantify and control the Deepwater Horizon oil spill” ‘Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. One of the most controversial issues
Ships are sent out to not only take out the fire but rationally these fires are hard to put out due to that fact that oil fires when water is added to a oil fire this just makes the oil fire even worse and can just feed the fire to the point of possibly explosion or to the point of spreading and not be able to put out on the ocean surface.

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