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The Arab World Essay

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In “The Arab World” (1966), Edward T.Hall the American anthropologist explains the difference in behavior between Westerners and Arabs and the miscommunication between the two great cultures; he says that “Americans in the Middle East are immediately struck by two conflicting sensations. In public they are compressed and overwhelmed by smells, crowding, and high noise levels; in Arab homes Americans are apt to rattle around, feeling exposed and somewhat inadequate because of too much space”(Hall, 1966, p.94). Hall used ethos, logos, and pathos to describe clearly the behavior in public between the two cultures, and how Arabs are being pushy and rude, then he described the concept of the ...view middle of the document...

The Arab reputation of being barbaric is a result of exaggeration and isolation; Hall isolated certain Arabs and focused on them and embellished their crimes, hence forming a bad general image and reputation for Arabs.
Hall then talks about the concept of privacy, as he stated that in Europe one would need permission to touch the other person or else he will be considered as an intruder and it will be defined as an assault. In addition to that, I was surprised when he stated that Arabs are completely different and their ego is not completely hidden as they are not affected by touch and insult could reach them very easily, and words like “rape” could be really offensive that is why his Arab friend could not find the arabic word with the same meaning, when in fact there is a word with the same exact meaning. Moreover, I got really disappointed through the text when I read about the Arabs that he encountered in the West and how they conveyed a bad and a false image about Arabs.
Nevertheless, Hall still shocked me by his blindness and...

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