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The Arguement Essay

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My mother and I are very close. Not only is she a great mother but also a great friend. I have always been very close to her and we rarely argue with each other. She has always been there for me in times of need whether it be advice or help with something. Believe it or not we are actually a lot alike, we understand each other and share interests. We also share qualities one of which is stubbornness. This is not a quality I am proud of, because it usually does not help a situation. Sometimes it just makes bad problems much worse

About seven years ago I was living with my mom, brother and sister. I was twenty year old at the time and thought I knew it ail just like the majority of everyone else around that age. I do not remember the reason but my mother and I got into an argument. I do remember that it was the maddest I have ever been at her. I decided I would move out because I didn’t want to be around her anymore. I called my grandparents and asked if I could move in, I explained what had happened and agreed to help around the house the best I could. I was working at a restraint as a dishwasher at the time. I really hated the job, I didn’t make much money and washing dishes for 8 or more hours is horrible. The job was in Morristown and I was getting ready to move to Indianapolis so I decided it wouldn’t be worth it to drive there for the little pay, plus there would be employment opportunity in the city.

It was a fresh new start to my life, I was very excited to get out of the small town and hit the city. I had friends in the city and I missed hanging out with them. My grandmother loves to spoil me she always had snacks and cooked tasty meals for us. I ended up finding a job at a gas station to bring in some extra cash. The job was night shift and that was lame but for the most part I had it made. I would hang out with friends all day play video games, watch movies, and play basketball. At night we would be looking for a party or maybe just some ladies to hang out with. My life was great I didn’t have any responsibilities besides 20 to 30 hours a week...

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