The Argument Essay: Just Don't Do It!

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The Argument Paper: Just Don't Do It!


English 101 is incredibly challenging and overwhelming to the typical college student. A narrative reflective essay, an expository essay, a novel, and the Nelson-Denny Reading Comprehension test are all crammed into ten weeks of backbreaking work. However, the most intolerable assignment of all has not even been mentioned yet: the argument paper! Students run around shrieking and cursing when they are handed the assignment. Most of them are enveloped by insanity during the writing process. When I mentioned the dreaded argument paper to a fellow classmate, he said that he felt my pain. English 101 students should not be required to write an argument paper because it is detrimental to their emotional well-being.

Some people may think it necessary to know how to write an argument paper. Everyone will have to do it at least once in his or her life, and Freshman English is the place to learn how. But that is not the case. In truth, I have never heard of anyone writing an argument paper unless he or she is required to by law or is planning to receive large sums of money for doing so. Neither one of my parents has ever written one in his or her half-century life. I have lasted 18 years without knowing how to write such a paper, and it has not hurt me yet.

Others possibly believe that people must know how to persuade in order to motivate those close to them to work for or against a cause. Effective persuasion is supposed to symbolize strength and leadership. However, persuasion is a deadly form of mind control. Hitler, a master in the art of persuasion, used this art in an almost successful attempt to eradicate an entire race of people.

In addition, a few supporters of argument papers may think it is easy to...

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