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The Argument Of Independence Between China And Taiwan

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China reacquired Hong Kong in 1997 from the British and is set to take over the Portuguese-administered territory of Macau later this year. Now China is eager to incorporate Taiwan as well. Taiwan has been separated from China since 1895, and the majority of the people who reside on Taiwan do not wish to reunify or be reunified unless it is on their terms with a democratic China. Until that time comes, China should not pursue its efforts in unifying Taiwan, and they should recognize that Taiwan is an independent country. By explaining the situation from a different perspective, China gains a better understanding of Taiwan's situation, and realized that Taiwan's independence should not be ...view middle of the document...

However Chinese Communists took advantage of China's condition and started a nationwide revolution. The Nationalist Army, having just fought a grueling war with Japan, was very vulnerable at the time. The Communists, led by Mao Zedong, had little trouble overthrowing the Nationalists and took over the country in 1949 ( Sherman, 1998 ). As a result, Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalists fled to Taiwan. The Communists' plan to invade Taiwan, however, was tharwted when the United States intervened by sending naval forces to defend the island. For the remainder of the 1950's, the United States defended Taiwan from any invasion by the Communists. In the March of 1954, Chiang Kai-shek was reelected as the president of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The government and the United States agreed to a mutual-defense treaty, which stated that the United States would take punitive action against China if the Communists attacked Taiwan.Chiang Kai-shek brought over Taiwan's original Constitution from China. This Constitution became moot during the Japanese rule over Taiwan. Another Constitution was drafted at the conclusion of World War II, but it was not until 1946 when the final document was approved. After elections were held in 1947 and 1948, it became the basis of Constitutional government in areas controlled by the Nationalists, including Taiwan ( Whitney, 1998 ). The Constitution was created to have a government that was a mixed presidential and parliamentary system, with a greater emphasis on the presidential system. The political system was a unitary one, though it had some characteristics similar to a federal system. To ensure that no part of the government becomes corrupt, there are more provisions for the separation of powers and checks and balances written into the constitution than in Western constitutions (Copper 1999). Taiwan has worked hard to create a constitution that would be fair and just to its people.Taiwan enjoyed a time of prosperity after signing the treaty with the United States. During this time the United States extended immense economic and military aid to Taiwan, which allowed Taiwan to slowly build its economy. The United States stopped sending aids to Taiwan during the mid 60's. However by this time over four billion dollars had already flowed into Taiwan's economy. With the U.S. having helped Taiwan's economic growth get started, Taiwan was left to fend for itself. Not only did Taiwan not fall, it actually was able to continue its economic growth. Industrial production was estimated to have risen over 300%, while exports tripled and imports doubled (Kemenade 1998). With its modern economic development, Taiwan's economy was quickly developing into one of the strongest in all of Asia.Politics moved in the direction of democracy, while authoritarianism and political repression declined. During the 60's, Taiwan's internal government and its international status underwent few changes ( Lee, 1999 ). Chiang Kai-shek was reelected...

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