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The Argument Style Essay I am from Hong Kong who grew up in England. I was encouraged to think critically, to evaluate an opinion and to argue in school. I tend to argue more aggressively when I am confident in my knowledge about the subject. However, when I am interested in a topic that I'm unsure about, I try to listen more and ask questions. It is important to argue because not only it helps people to understand and tolerate differences within the society, but also people who are opinionated and vocal are more respected and not disregarded. When I first went to school in England, I was quiet and listened tentatively and I blank out when there is an argument. I was often ignored because I was not vocal about my opinions. Then, I learned to speak up about my views and support it with evidence and people started to listen to what I have to say. I enjoy to argue on issues I feel strongly about, or listen to other people argue because it helps me to think critically and learn about issues that I am unsure of.My parents have played a major role in influencing my argument style. They taught me to not to believe everything I hear, but instead, I should analyze the topic and develop my own opinions. My father is an engineer and he is stubborn when arguing because he is usually right and it is difficult to prove him wrong because his argument is based on facts. My mother listens more and she is more receptive to other people's opinions. I don't argue with my mother frequently, but we often discuss controversial issues that makes us think and that helps us understand each other's views.I am aware while watching talk shows and political programs on television, and observing my environment, that females receive less respect when they are speaking. Females are...

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