The Arm Of The Starfish Essay

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The Arm of the Starfish The title of this book is The Arm of the Starfish. It was written by Madeleine L'Engle. She named it The Arm of the Starfish, because Dr. O'Keefe is studying starfish. Humans and Starfish are closely related and Dr. O'Keefe is seeing if because starfish can regrow limbs maybe humans can too. The setting of this story is in many places in Portugal. Some of the places in Portugal are Lisbon, Madrid, and Gaea. It is set in the present time and during the summer. The protagonist or main character of this book is Adam Eddington. He is sixteen, near seventeen. He is not use to being on his own. He is a great marine biology student. He grew up in New York, and worked with a scientist, Dr. Didymus, until Dr. Didymus sent him to work for Dr. O'Keefe. He is now going to Gaea to work for Dr. O'Keefe. The antagonist of this book is Typhon Cutter. He's at a high place with the Embassy. He is very oddly shaped, with a large body and very skinny arms. Adam and others describe him as a spider. He has a daughter, Carolyn Cutter, who is very beautiful, but isn't such a large enemy to Adam. She works for her father, until she finds out he is working against the Embassy. Adam Eddington was going to a small island in Portugal, Gaea, to work for Dr. O'Keefe, an acclaimed scientist. At the...

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2374 words - 9 pages The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy What can we learn about Victorian society from the story 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy? Do you think that the story is relevant for today? Support your answer with relevant quotations from the story. The short story, 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy gives one a vivid insight of life of the rural working class during nineteenth century England and their involvement with the upper

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2627 words - 11 pages Compare and contrast at least two of the female characters in two or more of the female characters in two or more of the tales you have studied. Gertrude Lodge, Rhoda Brook and Phyllis Grove are all very different women in different situations; however they all suffer an undeserved fate. Gertrude, from The Withered Arm, loses her looks, the love of her husband and her friendship with Rhoda, who in turn loses her only friend, her son and

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1388 words - 6 pages Discuss the relationship between Rhoda and Gertrude in The Withered Arm. The Withered Arm is a pre-20th century book by Thomas Hardy; the plot of the story is in and around the writers' imaginary village of Holmstoke and town of Casterbridge. One of the main themes of The Withered Arm was Jealousy it was portrayed through Rhoda Brook, 'a thin fading woman of thirty' 'that had once been handsome', who had an affair with Farmer Lodge

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2041 words - 8 pages An Essay on The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy ‘The past is a foreign country. They did things differently there.’ ‘The Go Between’ by L.P. Hartley. Thomas Hardy, a Victorian novelist, based his stories on experience of growing up in rural Dorset. Growing up there, he became familiar with the language, customs, practises and stories of the country folk. These stories draw up on his experiences enabling him to write ‘Wessex Tales

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1590 words - 6 pages Compare and contrast two stories by Thomas Hardy which deal with the theme of fate? The two stories that I have chosen that deal with the them of 'fate' are Old Mrs Chundle and The Withered Arm. Both of these stories are written by Thomas Hardy, and in both of these stories he is dealing with the theme of 'fate'. Both of theses stories are about little accidental happenings which govern and determine peoples lives. This is just like

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2486 words - 10 pages I have recently read a 20th century text ('Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck) and also a 19th century text ('The Withered Arm' by Thomas hardy) in order to compare the similarities and differences in the two texts and the way in which the authors explore different themes.In both 'The Withered Arm' and 'Of Mice and Men' the themes of loneliness and dreams can be found. I have chosen the theme loneliness to explore.'The Withered Arm' by Thomas

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