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The exquisite country of Armenia is found in the Southern Caucasus region, and it borders Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey. With a history dating back all the way to 600 B.C., Armenia is considered the oldest Christian nation. Its capital, Yerevan, is the largest city and is well known for its tourist attractions. Armenia’s population is around ten million people. The Armenian Genocide, the tragic earthquake, and several wars with other nations have affected what this country stands for today. Armenia's fascinating architecture, music and dance, and textiles have all been greatly influenced by its ancient history and Christian heritage.
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After Armenia adopted Christianity as its official religion, many Armenian architects began designing buildings that would contain hundreds of years of its history. Their Christian heritage and ancient history are all put into one particular building- the church. There are over three thousand ancient churches all across Armenia. Most of these churches are built over what were originally pagan temples. While many of Armenia’s churches are alike both for their purpose and for style, every church has its own distinct details. Not a single church in Armenia is the same. Out of all the churches in Armenia, two stand out and attract thousands of tourists. They are the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Garny Temple. Located just a few minutes away from Yerevan is the Armenian Apostolic Church. This famous church is found in the city of Vagharshapat. It was built near the fourth century, making it one of the oldest churches in the world. It has been refurbished over the last 1,700 years. The most notable part of the church is the Cathedral of Echmiadzin. This church was built by the Illuminator, Saint Gregory. It is said that he had a dream of Christ’s hand, gripping a golden hammer, came down and hit the spot where he wanted the cathedral placed. Saint Gregory immediately began building it. It took nearly two years, from 301 A.D. – 303 A.D. This church has many unique features. From the outside, you can see a bell tower that was added on in 1658. Another unique aspect from the outside is the intricate designs on the buildings, which were constructed of brick and stone. As you walk towards the inside, the first thing your eyes will turn to are the pristine frescoes, or watercolor paintings. These images were painted onto the dome ceilings and as it dried, it would seep into the plaster creating beautiful art. The Armenian Apostolic Church is very important to the citizens of Armenia because it reflects their Christian heritage. Today, it is visited by thousands of tourists year round.
Another ancient monument found in Armenia is the Garny Temple. This famous temple is located in Kotayk, Armenia. King Trdat instructed architects to design a temple that could be used to honor the sun god, Mihra. It was built in the first century B.C., which makes it the oldest temple in Armenia. The temple was built in a Greco-Roman and Armenian style. The shape reflected the mathematical theories in that period. Both the Pythagorean and Platonic theories were used in the construction of the Garny temple. Unfortunately, in 1679, the Garny temple was demolished due to a horrific earthquake. However, it was later restored in the mid-1970s. The temple consists of twenty-four handcrafted columns that help balance out and support the roof. Near the side of the temple is stonewall. If you study it, you can see imprints on the wall. Those words are said to be as old as 7,000 years old. Its history inscribed on a stonewall. When you look inside, there are carvings...

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