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The Armenian Genocides, To Be Used With The Novel The Road From Home

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The Armenian GenocidesIn the late 1800's and early 1900's, the Muslim Turks in Turkey wanted to eliminate the Christian Armenians from their country. They attempted to do this in three separate massacres, the third of which Veron Dumehjian was a part. The first two, which are mentioned by Veron, happened in 1894-1896 and 1909. These early massacres were not intended to eliminate the Armenians. However; they were intended to teach the Armenians that they must accept their status as unequal. The third massacre was the largest massacre, in which the Turks planned to kill all 1,500,000 ...view middle of the document...

Usually the Armenians had 1-2 days to prepare for their journey, but Veron's family had three. After they left, many of their homes were looted or torn apart for firewood. Veron's family was lucky because theirs remained intact, and after the war they could still live in it. Often, men were taken from their families at the city limits and shot. This left the woman, children, and elderly proceed to Syria. There was a group of rapist and murderers created by the government that was meant to attack the caravans and steal their possessions or take the woman. They are mentioned by Veron, and everyone feared them. They were unaware that this group was a government organization. Most of the Armenians died of starvation or sickness, and those who didn't had to see the carcasses of the dead lying on the road. Many people left their youngest or weakest children behind because they could no longer take care of them. Luckily, the males in the Dumehjian family were not shot, but they all died eventually because of sickness or weakness, along with Veron's siblings and mother.It was a very hard time for the Armenians; half of their population in Turkey was killed. There was almost no chance of survival, unless you escaped like Veron did. If she had not escaped with her father and "aunts" she would have probably died along with the others. Veron was very lucky compared to the rest of the Armenians.

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