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There are many reasons why the Army should be considered a profession. The Army trains and certifies its members, has continuing development of its personnel, and contains many professions within it. Much like doctors and lawyers, the Army requires each member to complete training and certification. The Army focuses on development of its personnel to maintain skills important to the profession. Aside from the profession itself, the Army contains many other professions. The U.S. Army has and will continue to maintain and advance the profession through study and intellectual development.
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Aside from the Army itself being a profession, it also contains many other professions. They are absolutely vital to the operation of the military. These professions include pilots, lawyers, accountants, social workers, and academics to name a few. Four of the Army’s’ braches, Aviation, Finance Corps, Engineer, and Medical Corps, are devoted to these professions. All of these receive the same if not more training and education as their non-military counterparts.
In the article, “The Decay of the Profession of Arms” Cavanaugh conveys that the Army avoids any type of debate or critical thinking and instead favors a restrictive bureaucracy. He also feels that the military has resentment towards intellect and development. In his article he states “The anti-intellectual bias in the military works in concert with the bureaucracy to form powerful restrictions on professional restrictions on military judgment.” He incites that members of the military are discouraged from studying their craft and continuing education.
However, I have personally seen officers as high as Major General openly encourage discussion about policies and procedures. Battalion Commanders conduct Officer Professional Development sessions to discuss tactics and strategy. Staff officers, at all levels, utilize the Military Decision Making Process to generate ideas and challenge issues. Debate and critical thinking are used every day in organizations throughout the Army. Furthermore, a thesis from the Naval Postgraduate School on the effects of graduate degrees...

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