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The Art Called Music Essay

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Pop. Traditional. Classical. These are all genres of music. These all serve a purpose. These are all important. Pop music has been used to help inform and motivate the general public during movements like environmental protection and gay rights. Traditional music has helped to guide us by telling us stories of the past from the church to the fields. Classical music has been played for royalty and help dancers spin a story. Some can be considered art while others can’t, but it often differs because the definition of art is in constant motion. The definition of art is a subject philosopher’s debate because it can be defined strictly or loosely. For the purpose of this essay, let art be defined as anything that can be touched or heard, and it causes a mental and physical reaction. Classical music is truly an art form because it invokes a mental and physical reaction from both the audience and the performers, and it has contrast to make it more dynamic.
Classical music is physically moving because it causes the performers to move with the music as they play. When the Alexander String Quartet played Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A major, K. 581 with Eli Eban as the clarinetist, the string players leaned forward as the played the quiet parts while Eli Eban leaned backwards as he played the piano parts of Mozart like the beginning of the first movement. However, when the strings were playing quiet for most of the Larghetto movement, they were not leaning forward the whole time, but swaying and watching each other as they played. During the menuetto and trio I,II movement, Frederick Lifsitz and Zakarias Grafilo were nearly bouncing out of their chairs as they played bright ascending lines. When they pass around the theme of the allegro movement, they lean towards each other as they pass off the line. The pianist, Joyce Yang, who played the piano quintet in F minor, Op. 34 by Brahms with the Alexander String Quartet moved a lot as she played. She swayed over the piano leaning forward during the fortes and intense parts, and leaning backwards during the piano parts of the music. Near the beginning, the piano has a series of fast parts with rests in between. During those parts, Joyce Yang leaned towards the piano as she played them, and then she lifted her hands abruptly when the passage was done causing them to seem intense to me. It also offered nice contrast to the very beginning which was a nice legato line played as a duet between the first violin and piano. The fact that the musicians are moving while they play is important because it helps the audience understand that they enjoy what they are doing. The music is incredibly moving, encouraging the musicians move while they play.
While audiences of classical music performances generally don’t jump up and down, they are physically moved by the music they are listening to because it pulls at the humanities heartstrings. The tone of the piece makes the audience feel certain things, and they begin to move...

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