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The Art Of A Geisha Essay

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Did you know that the first Geisha was a male. Today they are exclusively female. The Geisha culture is very optimistic and there are many different points of view. There are many things to learn. Such as becoming a Geisha, the role of a Geisha and the arts.The life of a Geisha is very different. The relationships and living conditions are very different from what we are used too. Life can be hard for a Geisha, it is never. But then again life is never easy. Exactly how do you become a Geisha? Well you had to be a daughter or accepted by an O-chaya. The O-chaya would invest a lot of money into these girls. The Okamisan [ or the mother ] would teach them. They did chores and observed the Geisha. When the girls reached 15 - 20 years old they became Maikos. They are apprentices to Geisha. The Maikos go with the Geishas on appointments and learn the job. At age 20 the Maikos decides if she is going to be a Geisha. If at any time she gets married she must quit.People are always wondering what is the role of a Geisha? They are trained in various traditions, such a dances, playing instruments, and singing, Geisha may be models and go on international tours. They work by entertaining guests, they serve drinks, talks with guests, and perform. Geisha maintain many different relationships with men. They will preform many dances at parties and business meetings. Geisha will engage in conversation. But they must never talk aboutwhat was said though.The art of a Geisha can be a very elegant thing to...

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2298 words - 9 pages most influential contributor to modern civilization and the human spirit. Arthur Golden’s Memoires of a Geisha and Salvador Dali’s “Swans Reflecting Elephants” demonstrate the power and influence that differing perspective can have in a positive, artistic manner; while simultaneously bringing notice to the less-than-savory offspring that diverging views can birth. Both works demonstrate (though, in the case of Dali’s work indirectly) the positive

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1736 words - 7 pages quite personal and can evoke a multitude of emotions all at once. Geisha are also “taught how to behave toward people. They learn when it is appropriate to smile and say something kind” to another individual” (Golden 158). The magnificent style of dress that a geisha wears is an important tool within her practice of art. The geisha wears a robe called a kimono. It is not simply any kind of kimono. The kimono is a piece of artwork itself. It

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1109 words - 4 pages the geisha art. And ultimately that most women would go on to not find a danna until she gave up her profession as a geisha. In conclusion, Memoirs of a Geisha is a good film and is recommended for audiences above the age of 13 due to sexual content, but the historical accuracy of it is far off. The main characters prove as a major controversy between China and Japan because the three main characters are played by two Chinese and one Malaysian

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