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The Art Of Anime Essay

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The Art of Anime

When walking through an art museum, there are rarely paintings of caricatures on display. Though some artists have developed avant guarde or impressionist styles, these are not considered cartoons for the simple fact that they never were displayed on the silver screen. Yet paintings of Disney characters sell for thousands at auction if they are authentic. Disney separates itself from other animation studios with their signature style and tedious techniques, like traditional artists. Since Disney has been making animated films for years, it has become a huge part of American culture. Many people even classify the older, hand-drawn films to be moving works of art. On the other hand, animated TV shows from Japan known as Anime, are not considered to be works of art. Often starting as a comic like sterilization known as manga, anime has captured the hearts of millions of viewers. Like any art form, there are a variety of styles to choose from; ranging from breathtaking to humorous. Like the renaissance painters or even Disney, Anime itself has shared many of the same traits. However, the world over dismisses it as a childish pastime, rather than the art form that it is. Both Anime and Art are a culmination of style, cultural representation, and emotional expression.
Style is defined as a kind or type in reference to appearance. Art is known for its variety of styles in presentation and technique. For years painters and sculptures alike have struggled to come up with new and inventive ways to dazzle the eye and touch the heart. Some have even gone to the extreme of using corporeal materials as a medium for their art (Bloomer, 2014). If traditional artists are willing to go to such extremes, why is Anime not considered an addition to the wide range of styles? One such example of these supposedly separate worlds colliding is the renowned artist Arina Tanemura who has published over 50 unique volumes and sold millions of copies worldwide. Like any artist, she describes her development of style as a combination of inspiration and practice (Tanemura, 2008). All of Tanemura’s characters and wardrobe are designed by herself, her fans describe her style as “complex, different and ‘hard to animate’” (Tanemura, 2008). Her work is easily distinguished from other artist by the way in which she draws the eyes on her characters. Some other artist in the same genre take a more realistic approach to their style, such as Hayao Miyazaki. Both Tanemura’s work and Miyazaki’s work are immediately recognized as their own, each having a unique twist to the traditional caricature we grew up with as children. Though over all, anime has some similar characteristics: large eyes, oddly colored hair, and a fantastical element. Peter Carey described manga as “startlingly graphic… in its clarity of line and dramatic blocky forms…” (Carey, 2005). He then goes on to describe how enthralled he was by anime’s ability to combine “…realism, exaggeration, something...

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