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The Art Of Assimilation Essay

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When Dora Rodriquez and Abraham Bermudez came to the United States in the early 1980's, they weren't sure what to expect. Dora Rodriquez moved in with her aunt and uncle. Abraham Bermudez cam with his mother and other siblings that had been waiting to move for years before their father was able to bring them into the country legally. Part of the process in coming into any culture is to know and understand the language. The progression in taking part of that acculturation is only transmitted by an individual's experience that can be like someone else's or their own. What inspires one person can inhibit the other. Although Dora and Abraham came in the United States around the same time from the same country, their experiences in incorporating the language within the new culture was different.Dora Rodriquez was only twelve when she came to the U.S. Her aunt accompanied her to the school Dora would be attending. Dora saw a few students that she knew but still felt very unsure of herself. The words people spoke were unfamiliar. Although the school cafeteria served enchiladas, rice, and beans, foods she was familiar with, that didn't mean that this experience of integrating would be as easy as recognizing the school's lunch (Rodriquez 1).Dora was taken from the classroom during the day into another room where maybe a couple of students who sit and repeat letters and phrase a teacher would have them murmur. This just didn't make any sense to her. When she returned to her classroom, she felt like she had missed something there and every time she'd enter the classroom, the whole would stare at her. This would draw unwanted attention she was never comfortable with getting. The teacher in the classroom would talk to her in a higher volume that the rest of the students. Dora, at first wondered, does the teacher think I'm deaf as well? Dora also felt like the other students had singled her out because she was different in some way. Her clothes seemed different, even though, she noticed her aunt would shop at the same places some of the students shopped. She just felt different (1).When the class started the English lessons, according to Dora, she dreaded the moment the other teacher would come for her and take her out of the comfortable space she found in the class she had to leave from. Dora put up with this until school was over with. Her aunt mentioned that she'd be returning again in August. Dora thought to herself, "I'm not returning again!" She told her aunt that she wanted to stop going to school. Her aunt suggested something created she thought. Dora wanted to go to school but she didn't want to be singled out. Her aunt had her work during the summer to improve her reading skills (1).First, Dora said, her aunt gave her books to read. Dora had to read books that were first to third grade level. The first thing to tackle was the syntax. The word order in Spanish was very different from Standard English. Once she learned the word order reference, she was...

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