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The Art Of Cheating Essay

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I.TestsA.cheat sheetsOk, the first way are with the good old fashion cheat sheets. These are the most simple way to go either than looking at somebody else's paper. I have found that the best way to make these are by making them on a computer at home. Use font 12 times new roman and print out as many 2 by 2 inch sheets as you want. Ok, now the tricky part is using them during a test. Before you go into the test, put each sheet into a different pocket and remember which one is in which. You don't want to be scrambling around during a test! Ok, now the teacher has passed out the tests and you got one. Do all the questions you can possibly with out cheating (the less time you have your notes out, the better). No that you've finished everything you can do, you realize how stupid you are, but smart at the same time (because you figured out to use the sheets). Aright, so when the teacher is distracted or not looking, pull out a sheet and put it right on top of your test and align the text of the sheet to the text on the test (the sheet is practically invisible because the font of the sheet and test mach). Now you copy. When you are finished with a sheet, EAT IT!!! The last thing you want is to loose one in the class room for a teacher to find.B.Copying off another personOk, there are a few ways this can be done, but if you want to do it correctly when there is a teacher around, it usually takes more than one person. It also needs some form of synchronization, which is where cell phones with vibration alerts come in handy, but you can also use coughs or sneezes too. Anyways, the first thing to do during the test is to have one person signal another person (the phone vibration or the cough can be the signal) to ask a question to the teacher, by either getting the teacher to come to their desk, or by going to the teacher's desk and standing in front of them. That person with the teacher should ask some question that would take a "bigger" explanation, such as things like "I don't understand this question", or "What do you mean by this", or just anything basically along those lines. So now that one person has the teacher distracted, the second person is free to do whatever they want. It is better to have more than just two people cooperating, because having a person going up to ask a question more than twice is kind of suspicious.C.The big switchThis is a way that I came up with for one of the greatest cheats during an essay test. The only two flaws with it are that one, you need to know the question ahead of time, and two, if the teacher has you write on their own paper (such as colored paper), there is no use. Ok, anyways, you don't get out of writing the essay, actually, you have to write two ones to make this work. The first on, you write at home (not on a computer you moron) an keep it safe and not wrinkled. The second one should be written during the test, don't have it completely full of bullshit if something goes wrong, you will need to turn that...

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