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The Art Of Drawing And Architecture

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Architects do not simply draw, by inscribing a line on paper they create an idea that transforms a flat surface into a virtual space to be consumed, studied and shaped. To develop this level of phenomenon the architect produces different types of drawings: design, presentation and construction, just to name a select few, which have developed historically over many centuries. Although the architect uses basically the same type of tools and drawing materials that have been standard for hundreds of years, the art of drawing is far from the same. The architect’s role is to be a creator of form, a design specialist who will initiate and lead a design process. In the early phases of design they ...view middle of the document...

From 1914 – 1938 the turmoil of World War I stirred the experimental architectural temperament, modern architecture was changing. The modern ways of architecturally drawing showed fewer utopian qualities in their design that had been characterised through numerous historical art movements in the interwar years, such as futurism and expressionism. Study drawings are beginning to become more practical and simple, attuned to the architecture they present. Throughout the process of study and design drawings, the architect puts all previous thoughts to use, each line representing an intended thought. This particular phase of the design process is strongly represented by free hand drawing and sketches, a development of ideas. Design, study and visionary drawings are all different elements of the same phase, and essentially, are different fancy ways of talking about the exact same process. Drawings by Erich Mendelsohn (1887 – 1953) are post World War 2, and always look ‘visionary’ one is never sure which of his drawings represent a future building, a past structure or project, or a totally utopian concept. Mendelsohn’s drawings continue his characteristic expressionist shorthand method which is evident in his saying: ‘I write as I speak, I sketch as I write’. His works are a clear example that an architectural drawing, particularly in the design study development phase, may be analysed or classified to its own design or geometry, its function or materials and technique. Most designers still make their study drawings much in the same way as architects have for the last 500 years. One must not confuse themselves with the representation of t the early exploratory and developmental sketches and drawings. They are produced as a complete means to satisfy the architect whom created them, rarely are they presented to anyone else during the design process. The whole sequence of study drawings from early conception through to their design and development are outmoded by the presentation and construction drawings that we produce now to follow.

The architect’s primary job is to take the clients concept and ideals, and then design a structure that meets all their requirements as well as all the appropriate engineering to satisfy all state building guidelines and legal responsibilities. This is the phase where the architect works closest with their client, producing sets of presentation drawings for the approval of the design to move forward. Their main aim in this style of drawing is to ‘develop a clearly defined, feasible concept and to present it in a form that the client can...

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