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The Art Of Living Essay

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People cannot control where they are born, the color of their skin, or who their parents are. They can control how they conduct themselves and the actions they take. Ethics encompass morality and the principles of right and wrong. In order for society to prosper we need ethical people working together toward a goal of integrity and compassion. Everyone has circumstances in their lives that they can and cannot control and knowing that is the key to living in harmony with themselves and others.
Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher who wrote, The Enchiridion, a manual which instructed people on how to live their life ethically and honorably on a social level. His belief was that regardless ...view middle of the document...

Epictetus wanted people to embrace a logical and sensible approach to death. Having an excessive attachment to someone is detrimental because everyone dies. (282). Unrealistic attachments to others are potentially harmful. Death is unavoidable so everyone should focus their attention on that person when they are alive. Do not try to predict when someone might die because that event is uncontrollable.
Epictetus states that people do not get angry with the real things that are making them angry. He believes they are upset with the judgment of things and then blame others for having differing interpretations. Epictetus said “An uneducated person accuses others when he is doing badly; a partly educated person accuses himself, an educated person accuses neither someone else nor himself” (282). When people get angry towards others for something happening, they should not be mad at them. Everyone has their own personal thoughts and judgments. Even in disagreement, everyone deserves respect. Individuals insisting they are always right are the ones lacking education.
Epictetus states in rule number 19 that someone is invincible if they never enter a contest where someone else is the judge. He claimed there was no place for envy and jealousy and that people should not judge others for failures or accomplishments. (283). If someone never enters a contest where they are judged by others, they will always be the winner. People need to take chances and risks if they ever want to realize their goals and dreams; but keep them reasonable because no one is capable of everything. When faced with sharp criticisms, do not give up and stay dedicated.

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