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The Art Of Love: Sadism And Sexyal Psychpaths

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Psychopaths and Sexual Sadism
"Pleasure is sweetest when 'tis paid for by another's pain."(The Art of Love, A.D.8). Psychopathy and sexual sadism have similar characteristics that draws interest from the public view. Both of the disorders can cause extreme amounts of destruction to society and their victims. Psychopathy is a personality disorder that deviates from the norm of society. Some of the characteristics can range from lacks of empathy, egocentric, and self-serving attributes with little or no respect for others (Mokros, Osterheider, Hucker, & Nitschke, 2011). While, sexual sadism is more so a paraphilia when people achieve sexual arousal from inflicting pain on others(Mokros et al., 2011). The two disorders have a lot of similar characteristics and attributes that makes us try and find the common denominators.
The focal point is trying to come on with a conclusion that can better the person suffering from the disorder. Since, causation does not imply correlation between the two disorders, finding the distinctive root is beneficial. Some of the key concerns is the outcome when both disorders are present in a person could lead to potential homicides(Myers, Chan, Vo & Lazarou, 2010). Psychopathy and sexual sadism share some important characteristics that differ from other personality disorders by severity(Mokros et al., 2011). Clearly, breaking down each disorder would require too much of a time strain than to pinpoint specific characteristics that are similar in nature.
The potential of reducing or even eliminating problematic behaviors can reduce the rates of abuse to society. Even when the rate is already considered small compared to other killing and abuse. Later, information in this research paper will compare and contrast previous studies on psychopathy and sexual sadism as pertaining to the topic.
Sexual Sadism
Sexual sadism is when someone enjoys infliciting pain on others because of the feeling of sexual arosual. A lot of people would see this sexual deviate as quite disturbing because of the area of pain inflication. Holt, Meloy, & Strack (1990), stated that sexual sadism is a subtype rather than just being the overall view of sadist behaviors and has no specific treatment. The data is a couple of years old but still specific treatment besides therapy does not exist for sexual sadism. Sexual sadism becomes a enmourous problem when the people are forced into the sexual act without consent. The general popluation for sexual sadism is about 5-11% with 45% being sexual offenders and 67-99% of serial sexual homicide perpetrators(Kirsch & Becker, 2007). The data seems far fetched but general population size was taken into consideration. Berger, Berner, Bolterauer, Gutierrez & Berger (1999), restated that in forensic settings sadistic personality disorder was frequent at a diagnosis rate of 27%.
Now lets branch off into the subject of the basic psychopath with a clear blueprint.
Psychopathy is a personality...

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