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The Art Of Owning A Car

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“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have”- Andy Warhol
The art subject brings many interpretations to the words definition. Art can produce an action in all the senses and also it could provide an image or be an action. Art as an action can have people take ownership of an item, have a certain technique of completing a task, and/or providing an image physically. When people become wealthy or successful it allows them to own things that most people in society can’t have. Even though these people who are successful or wealthy earn their success, they can have a shift in emotions when they become higher in society. These wealthy individuals sometimes buy nice cars that can arouse this change of feelings. The art of having a luxury car brings the feeling of being superior and selfish towards others.
The feeling of being superior towards others comes from the art of having a luxury car. Superiority ...view middle of the document...

Money gets to people’s heads especially when the individual has items that are costly to show off. The people that own these nice cars usually can tell when people envy or wish they had what they are driving and sometimes it gets to their heads and they show it off by either speeding away or revving the engine to show their superiority. Dr. Embree in his lecture stated that “modern art doesn’t stand for anything”, but it does when it produces a feeling either from the person who owns it or wants it (4/1/2014). Modern art could be an example of a new car and if a person owns that car and a person who dreams of having that car sees it they become jealous. So I believe modern art like a new car does stand for something if it stimulates a feeling towards a person.
The art of owning a luxury car brings the feeling of selfishness towards others. I believe when the car designer creates a luxury car, they do it knowing their buyers will be selfish. The car designer expresses an emotion inside their art to show off to the society that being wealthy has its perks. Palmer states that the “expression of emotion is a necessary condition of art” (pg. 305). This is true with luxury car designers when they know there market and they will make the quality high so it is appealing. The selfishness feeling with the buyers of these cars comes from their lust and little significance with their money. The buyers of these luxury cars know that there are more efficient cars that could be more suitable for the environment, but they decide to go with what will give them the most attention. An example of this is the gas mileage the luxury cars have instead of a fuel efficient car and also they drive their luxury cars for pleasure instead of what normal people use cars for. The owners of these luxury cars show selfishness with their money use as well. Instead of using their money to buy these cars or sometimes more than one of these cars they could donate to society or help others in need, but they are too self centered usually to do that.
When people become wealthy they tend to develop the art of buying expensive items like luxury cars that make they adapt to feelings of selfishness and superiority towards others.
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