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The Art Of Parenting Essay

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In the mind boggling world of parenting, we discover a variety of parenting techniques. Realizing these techniques usually involves a lunch date with the neighbor and her child, or a lavish birthday party that we were invited to. In these events, we find the parent who is their child’s boss, the parent who has the colossal “Kids will be kids” mentality, and then the one who feels the need to offer an unrestrained amount of discipline. When we become parents for the first time in our lives, we are truly unaware of how much patience and understanding is involved with being an effective parent. As we raise our children, we learn their behavior and they also learn ours. As new parents, we ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, the parent is the child’s boss and the child will respect that order.
Another technique in the mind boggling parenting world, is leniency. The parents who practice this technique express the, “kids will be kids” mentality. These permissive parents make an exaggerated attempt to be their child’s best friend. They love their child but they are afraid to create a balance between their love for their child and discipline. These parents are afraid of somehow offending their child, so they consistently find an excuse to say, “Kids will be kids”. Subsequently, the child becomes confused between the friend and the parent, leaving the parents with no authority. This child does not clearly understand what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not. If the child were to kick the family cat out of rage, the parent would then say, ‘it is okay to express your feelings”. Children of this type of parent, also feel they need to have everything they want. If the child wants it, the child gets it and if the child wants it now, the child gets it now. Even if it’s a lavish birthday party with circus acts and pony rides, or the newest model Dodge Charger as a sweet sixteen birthday gift. In this case, the parent is the child’s inadequate best friend.
At last, in the mind boggling parenting world is the dictatorial parent. These parents offer an unrestrained amount of discipline to their child. Often, they find any way to argue with their child to show authority. They are...

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