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The Art Of Persuasion Essay

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Persuasion is used in many everyday things these being mostly advertisements. Persuasion is made up of many different parts. These different parts always try to dig deep into our DNA to find what we really want. The people of the world know what we want. So trying to persuade someone is practically talking to yourself. When people advertise to other humans all they have to do is ask themselves, “What do I like about this product?” Instantly they will have it running on the radio, T.V., and many other media devices. Persuasion is always best heard rather than read. A person trying to persuade us is much harder than, us trying to persuade ourselves. A great point in history was riddled with persuasion. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech was full of persuasive remarks about the present day civil rights movement. In his speech he used three rhetorical devices to get his points across, the ...view middle of the document...

The repetition of, “I have a dream...” completely reinforces the idea into other people’s heads that this isn’t just his dream it should theirs too.

The second rhetorical device used by King in his speech is Allusion. Allusion is quoting another text or referring to or off of it. In King’s speech he quotes very powerful texts such as “The Bible” and America’s constitution. On page 546 he says, “We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are created equal.” This quote taken from our constitution shows that in the 1960’s this sentence is the polar opposite of the truth. King wants to show that other texts show that people should be free, and this isn’t just a nonsensical rant about the mistreatment of black people. Referring to many different text emphasizes the mistreatment of his race. using the different texts also makes his speech persuasive in the fact that if he is saying something, and so are the texts then it must make sense.

The final rhetorical device used by Martin Luther King in his speech was restatement. Restatement in his speech is a key point to being such a pervasive part of history. During the speech he uses restatement many times to make people focus on key points. On page 543 close to the start of his speech he says, “America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked insufficient funds." He refers to the “check” multiple times during his speech. He talks about the check multiple different ways. One of these ways he uses it as a transition into talking about how the “Bank of America” is not broke. The start of the speech compares the world to a bank with money, but not enough money for the negro people.
Persuasion is a very useful and key tool for everyone to have. Just like the president needs congress to pass laws, MLK needs persuasion to convince the American people to lead better lives. Lives that are compassionate and just. The rhetorical devices used by MLK show complete passion of the human spirit. The devices he uses can completely flip someone's ideals with the true power of his words.

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