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The Art Of Persuasion In Advertising

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It’s that time again. The time when we are bombarded by political ad after political ad during the presidential campaign season. Every four years we are showered with different ads by our presidential candidates trying to win our vote. We see many different types of ads, whether it is of a candidate trying to build himself up or put his opponent down. There are many different techniques that are used in order to send hidden messages to voters. These different techniques have proven to be affective with voters and continue to show up again and again in our presidential campaigns.
The first item that is taken into consideration is the authors’ rationale. The rationale is the heading of the ...view middle of the document...

Not all advertisements are viewed the same. “The ethos appeal featuring former surgeon general Dr. C. Everett Koop as the spokesperson received the highest credibility ratings, followed by the logos appeal, with the pathos or humor appeal receiving the lowest credibility ranking” (Koop).
The second question was directed towards the participant’s political beliefs which is recognized as an effect to the overall credibility of the video. The logos appeal is directly connected to a viewer’s political attitude.
YouTube has become the most common online video sharing websites. YouTube gives its user the ability to create a profile and upload vides. They can also watch others videos, leave comments. Nonmembers also can use this site but are limited to only accessing videos. Membership is free to anyone who joins which allows for the largest uploaded and viewed videos worldwide. YouTube has provided advertisers with an inexpensive yet affective campaign strategy.
The methodology in the journal was taken from what give the impression of a full proof experiment. This study used a “three-celled posttest” which would further explain the subliminal messages in campaign advertisements. The possible candidates for the research are from two out of the fifty-two states in America. They were chosen and told they had complete confidentiality. This created a form of trust allowing the participants to give honest answers. The applicants then were sent a link of forms that they had to read and agree to.
The final results of the study were somewhat surprising. The participant’s political standing was insignificant to the advertisements authority. In other words the political views of the participants did not impact how they viewed each advertisement. Therefore there is no link to a political bias and the advertisers conveyed the message effectively. The logos appeal is the technique that was used to portray the advertisement so that the campaign was adequate.
The demographics also presented an average relation concerning the...

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