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In the ancient ages, people lived in caves and made some drawings on the walls of the caves. They used everything which would help them to drawing such as mud, tree shells and blood of people. In that sense, the root of graffiti was based on the ancient ages. However, modern graffiti is more different. After the 1960s, with the global rebellion of people, especially consisted of young people, graffiti gained a great importance. In the 21.St century, graffiti has affected young people’s daily life in two ways regarding its bringing different approach to art as ideologically and socially as well as its being practical and creative.
One of the two ways that affects young people’s daily life is bringing a different approach to art regarding ideologically and socially. First of all, graffiti has brought a different ideological approach to art. After the 1960s, the youth throught about arts and they critisized it. They throught art were captured into museums and galleries. They point on view brought to art a new ideological discipline named as a street art. People began to make art together at streets. Then, more and more people have got interested in art and its new ideology. Generally, young people have made graffiti, talked about it and changed it if they have not liked. For example, Banksy, who began to work with stencils in 1981 in Paris, is one of the artists, who have affected young people the most with his graffities. Banksy made his graffities illegally at the beginning. He insisted on making street art and continued to make graffiti on the street. Today, with the legalization of making street art, many young people consider Banksy as one of the pioneers of the street art and they have made his graffities everywhere. Therefore, we can say that young people have got affected by Banksy’s ideological approach to art. Secondly, graffiti has a different social approach which affects young people. In the graffiti as a street art, social issues and people’s lives are so important....

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