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Hockey sticks are expensive to begin with. As the game becomes more competitive, people are becoming more aware that a hockey stick is so much more than just sports equipment. Hockey sticks have undergone changes over the years. Earlier, hockey sticks used to be made of wood. Hockey sticks have been transformed due to the different kinds of material that are now used to make this equipment. Hockey sticks nowadays are being made of aluminum, steel, titanium, Kevlar and even fiberglass. Some of the world’s most expensive hockey sticks are made of durable material that will improve the quality of the game. Everyone from NHL players to hockey coaches would like to get their hands on such equipment. Read on to know about the 10 most costly hockey sticks in the world.
World’s Most Expensive Hockey Sticks

Vintage Hockey Stick

This is not only the most expensive hockey stick, but also one of the oldest in terms of its origin. This hockey stick was crafted in Ontario, Canada during the late nineteenth century. It was passed down from one generation to another till its most recent owner had the hockey stick appraised and found it was worth an astounding $4,50,000. This stick has been displayed at a bar in Toronto owned by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It is stored in the Hockey Hall of Fame. This hockey stick is worth the 4.25 million dollars at which it has been valued. Its owner Gordon Sharpe is currently in the process of auctioning the hockey stick.

Wayne Gretzky’s Stick

This hockey stick was sold for $38,838 at a sports auction. This was the stick that was used by 13 year old Wayne Gretzky to score his thousandth goal in the year 1974. This Koho brand stick has been signed by Gretzky after he scored the goal. This hockey stick was given by Gretzly to his coach Ron St. Amand who was leading the Brantford Turkstra Lumber squad at this time. St. Amand’s family auctioned this stick at an event organized by Heritage Auctions. This hockey stick was purchased by an anonymous buyer. This hockey stick has been acknowledged as one of the most landmark sports memorabilia which highlights the achievements of hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky is acknowledged as one of the greatest hockey players in the world.

Reebok Hockey Stick 808

This is one of the most unique hockey sticks in the market. It has power ports or holes in the lower part of the shaft. These holes reduce air resistance and enable players to play powerful and strong shots. This stick has individual carbon fibers running through the shaft to the blade for improving the quality of the shot. It has a griptonite coating which improves the grip on the stick and enhances reaction speed. This stick also has carbon construction at its top end. This makes the stick lightweight and easy to use. As it is manufactured by Reebok which is one of the leading sports brands in the world, this stick has a costly price tag. But, its marvelous features make it worth the money it costs.

S19 Easton Hockey Stick...

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