The Artifacts Of Rock And Pop

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Rock and pop have been evolving areas of music for the last fifty years. They have created riches for people, and have created artifacts that are now considered precious. Christie’s Rock & Pop Memorabilia by Peter Doggett and Sarah Hodgson describes the basic information of artists and their now famous music and artifacts. If you are wondering what a memorabilia is, in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary a memorabilia is defined as, “objects or materials that are collected because they are related to a particular event, person, etc.” The ages of rock and pop have had an abundance of memorabilia that is worthy of recognition.
Memorabilia is an important area of rock and pop. In addition, memorabilia has evolved widely over the past fifty years. This book does a great job of outlining this, “Today, every item of memorabilia connected with an artist like Madonna – from badges to posters, photos to videos, lines of cosmetics to fashion ranges –has to be officially approved by her or by her management. That certainly wasn’t the case in the past” (144). With all the new privacy laws, this change is not necessarily a reasonable change, for it makes the whole process of commercialization complicated. Full of value, memorabilia’s are expensive items today. The proof has been outlined by this book, “Although the paper itself is only a mimeographed copy, the fact that the signatures were authentic and that the ceremony was such a high profile occasion that sent the price soaring to over $5000” (39). Signatures are one type of memorabilia, but there are many other objects such as posters, instruments, clothing, and numerous other objects in which the price may go up to millions of dollars. Surprisingly, one of the most expensive selling items are words. Original handwritten lyrics are extremely valuable, and in some cases, such as John Lennon’s lyrics, they can sell for up to...

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