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The Artist Essay

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The artist contains within himself a motive, a drive, an idea that seeks to be conveyed and shared with others. He uses his creativity, his talent, his skill to put on paper, canvas or a wall, a Great Something. The adventure of the visual arts and the dynamic it embodies as a cultural force is due to the fact that it is non-verbal; it utilizes images rather than words and, hence, is not always explicit. Sometimes, therefore, what the artist means to convey and what the viewer perceives are two distinct things altogether. It may be the responsibility of the artist, at that point, to defend his work in order to clear up any confusion that arises.In the case of the mural at Holy Family Home and Shelter, some may wonder at the choice of the images used thus far. When the executive director and the artist settled on children's faces as a concept for the project, it was the feeling of the artist that merely depicting a series of smiling faces was too static. The enthusiasm for the mural demanded something more dynamic and exciting. Therefore, it was decided that the children would be allowed to make whatever silly poses or faces that they wanted.It is the hope of this artist that the viewer will not perceive his work as promoting disrespect or a negative attitude. This is not his intention at all. On the contrary, there were many poses and faces of the kids being silly that he chose not to include in the mural for that very reason. Rather, his intention was to depict something about kids that is truly wonderful.In discussions of spirituality, the notion of being child-like before God is extolled. Being child-like, as we know, is not the same as being childish. A childish person is selfish, whiny, moody, and defiant. One who is child-like, however, is innocent, vibrant, joyful, full of life and full of potential. The child manifests wonder, amazement, and an insatiable desire to learn about the world around him. The child trusts, even though he may be frightened, when he feels...

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