The Artistic Practice Of Robert Klippel (50/50)

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Robert Klippel - His Practice (Through Subjective, Structural, Cultural Frameworks )There are few in the art world that can truly be regarded as innovators. Picasso springs to mind, as do Miro, Pollock and Warhol. The number of Australian artists who wear the tag are even fewer, but one who stands out in Australian art as a true innovator is Robert Klippel. Klippel morphs and shapes the discarded and defunct fragments of the contemporary life around us, adding a sense of extraordinary to the ordinary and offering a new perspective to our seemingly ever-growing material environment. For Klippel, drawing, painting and collage have played an important role in exploring and clarifying new ideas on sculpture, nature, art and human ingenuity.I've got to feel this inner excitement and real drive to do something, otherwise I just can't work. I feel I have my own vision of what I think sculpture is about, but of course, it's the carrot before the donkey. I keep feeling if I just keep going and working in all these idioms that I will arrive at something but you never do get there. It's illusory."This is an extract from an interview with Klippel in which he describes his own artistic practice and the steps involved in shaping and bringing to life his pieces. It is clear that he envisioned and created his artworks in a sporadic and unconventional manner, trying to apply his wild imagination and unique vision to reality. "My unconscious self decides" is another extract from Klippel that supports his uncontrolled and unstructured way of working. His strange artistic practice results in some extremely diverse and irregular pieces that seem almost alive with movement and action. The driving conceptual force behind Klippel's work, and an ongoing inspiration for the refinement of his sculptural practice, was his belief that the artist "should follow the example of nature and building in such a way that the final form will be as inevitable as any form in nature". In particular, his personal artistic aim was to always "express the workings of nature - in the broadest sense". It seems as if Klippel's metal sculptures have metamorphosed from other life-forms. They have lived. They contain experience. They do not wish to be human, but by their gaze and their scale and, above all, their vitality they claim equal importance with humans. His sculptures put us in our place. One of Klippel's most famous works: "Opus 202, metal construction," is one of his signature pieces. The artist has transformed a disparate group of metal objects into a unified composition that is at once alien, and strangely familiar. In my opinion, I believe that Klippel's artworks are free to interpretation as they require no explanation for their meaning or purpose. Klippel has used his freedom of expression and spontaneity along with creativity and open-mindedness to produce an intriguing and intricate sculpture. In this particular artwork, Klippel has created an original piece from welded and...

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