The Artists Of The High Renaissance

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The Artists of the High Renaissance

High Renaissance, that period of art at the beginning of the sixteenth
century, has been referred to as one of the great explosions of
artistic and creative genius in history. Most notable it seems, for
producing three of the greatest artists in history: Da Vinci,
Michaelangelo, and Raphael, the High Renaissance was referred to as
such not only because it was a period of great and high art, but
equally so, because it was essentially the culmination of the cycle of
art which preceded it, known as the Early Renaissance.

“Renaissance” stems from the French verb “naitre,” meaning “to be
born”. Thus, the Renaissance would forever be known as the “rebirth”
of critical artistic thoughts and ideals. Emerging from the much more
gothic and religious period that came before, the Renaissance would
most certainly prove to be one of the most enlightened periods in art
and thought that history would ever see. Italian High Renaissance
artists achieved ideal of harmony and balance comparable with the
works of ancient Greece or Rome. Renaissance Classicism was a form of
art that removed the extraneous detail and showed the world as it was.
Forms, colors and proportions, light and shade effects, spatial
harmony, composition, perspective, anatomy - all are handled with
total control and a level of accomplishment for which there are no
real precedents.

The High Renaissance included such great artists as Bacchiacca, the
painter of Eve with Cain and Abel, Del Sarto who painted Head of the
Madonna and The Holy Family with the infants Saint John, Santi di Tito
who painted The Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist,
Grannacci who painted Scenes from the life of Saint John the Bapist
and The Crucifixon, Bartolomeo who painted Madonna and the Child with
Young Saint Peter the Baptist, Cigoli, the painter of The Adoration of
the Shepherds with Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Signorelli, who
painted Madonna and Child, and Pulzone, who painted The Lamentation.
There was also of course, Raphael who painted The Agony in the Garden,
Michaelangelo, and his Sistine Chapel, and Da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona

Raphael was a master painter and architect of the Italian High
Renaissance. He lived from 1483-1520. He is most famous for his
paintings of Angels and Madonnas, of which he painted over 300 in his
lifetime. Raphael also painted portraits including one of Pope Julius

Michaelangelo is said to have been the absolute greatest artist of his
time. He is of course most famous for his painting of the vaulted
ceiling of the Sistine...

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