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The Aryan Nations: Selling Hate Essay

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A long-standing issue in America is racism with Caucasians historically being the dominant race. Although racism is not as severe of an issue as it was in the past, even today there is still a population of people, known as White Supremacists, that believe Christian Caucasians are supreme over all other collective groups. There are many White Supremacist groups, which have nuances among them. For example, some are politically focused trying to only have certain officials elected, while others are religiously focused trying to further their religious ideals. Some are even radical as well going so far as to harass and even murder those who are not like them. One of the groups focusing specifically on religion is the Aryan Nations. Aryan Nations, a religiously driven, American white supremacist group, perverts biblical text to rationalize their beliefs for themselves and recruitment of more members. Members of the Aryan Nations believe in racism, segregation, and have acted on their beliefs.

The Aryan Nations use biblical references to rationalize and justify racism. The Aryan Nations was founded in 1977 by Richard Butler. Butler’s beliefs were inspired by Wesley Swift, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. In Wesley Swift’s “The Children of the Beast”, he gives general, dubious biblical references and uncantonized books of the Bible to use as evidence for explaining his racist beliefs. Explained by, “uncantonized” books of the Bible are the 7 books of the Old Testament that are excluded from protestant versions of the Bible. In “Children of the Beasts”, Swift explains that when God referred to,” all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground” (New International Version. Gen. 1. 30) The “beasts of the earth” are racial minority groups, with “brute beasts” being specifically people of African American descent. To further explain his beliefs Swift tells a tale about Job, that according to him is told in one of the uncantonized books of the Bible, who was an Adamite (white man; “Offspring of the most high) that tamed and educated the “spear chuckers” (negroes) that were attacking his people, but when the Ancient Mongolians attacked the negroes reverted to their old ways. After this series of events Swifts writes that Job said, “Never again will I take them in, for they are not fit to lie down with my dogs.” The multitude of preposterous details and themes told in this story conflict with the plot of the text showing the perversion of religious ideals to make others believe in racism. Foremost, Job is barely referenced in the “uncantonized” books of the Bible, let alone an entire story written in one of them. Additionally, white supremacists believe that the people of the Lost Tribes of Israel were Anglo-Saxons, therefore God’s chosen people were western Europeans. Believing that this was true, the story about Job cannot be true because the Mongolian Empire...

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