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The Ascent By Ron Rash Essay

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Many people have life changing revelations in their lives, but very few people are as young as Jared when he realizes what he does about his life. Ron Rash wrote the short story, "The Ascent," about a young boy's journey that brought him to have a significant revelation about his life. In the story, Rash uses a naive narrator, foreshadowing, and imagery to show the setting of the story that led to Jared's revelation about his life.
Rash uses Jared's character to show why he cannot give a trustworthy, objective truth. In the story, Jared's actions show that he does not understand death when entering the plane after discovering the dead bodies of a pilot and passenger. Rash writes, “Jared ...view middle of the document...

Jared sees that drugs will always come before him no matter how much his parents love him.
In the story, Rash uses imagery to show the setting to reveal how Jared and his family live and what makes him come to his revelation. They have no money for a real Christmas tree, so they use a replacement. Jared’s family has no Christmas tree, so they have to use firewood as substitute. Rash describes, “In her lap lay a roll of tinfoil she was cutting into foot-long strips. ‘Look what we’re making,’ she said, smiling at Jared. ‘It's going to be our Christmas tree.’ When he didn’t speak, his mother’s smile quivered” (281). Even though his mother tries to make the best out of what they have, they have a bad home-life, and Jared knows the importance of certain things over him. In the story, Jared enters and stays in the plane knowing the snow has covered up all his tracks and will eventually cover the plane. Rash writes, “He watched the snow cover the plane’s front window with a darkening whiteness” (287). Jared sits there and does not worry about the snow continuously falling around him; however, he knows it will eventually cover the entire plane and hide him. Jared does not...

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