The Ascent”: The Indirect Story Essay

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From death to drug use “The Ascent”, teaches a crucial moral lesson in how decisions affect more than one individual. In Ron Rash’s, “The Ascent”, he tells a story about a boy named Jared who has a rough life due to his parent’s decision making. While Jared is on Christmas break he begins to explore in the woods. As he was exploring he discovers a crashed plane that went missing recently. As the story continues Jared reveals little details, or inner thoughts that his young mind does not understand what is happening around him. Rash’s use of naïve narrator, critical foreshadowing, and imagery to create an effective setting that leads to a character revelation.
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At certain points throughout the story Jared discloses pieces of information of how he feels, or how his life at home is, “Better to be outside on a cold day than in the house where everything, the rickety chairs and sagging couch, the gaps where the TV and microwave had been, felt sad”(279). This piece of information tells the reader that he lives a poor lifestyle, and that his home life has a fault in it. In another instance the reader could predict the outcome of Jared based on his actions. Jared ventures off into the woods, and it is evident what would happen. He states, “Jared looked behind him and on up the ridge and saw his footprints were growing fainter” (287). Jared has no way of getting back foreshadowing his doom. Often events that happen foreshadowed the future outcome in the story successfully engaging the reader.
The details in the setting help in understanding the situation in a deeper concept than Jared. He describes much of his lifestyle enabling a better understanding. Rash says, “When Jared opened the door, the small red glass pipe was on the coffee table, an empty baggie beside it”(281). This description assists in knowing his...

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