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The Aspects Of Homosexuality Essay

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Love has an infinite number of shapes and colors, in other words, it differs from one person to another. Throughout the history, it can be viewed that there is a set of types of sexual relations such as homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, asexualty and so the list goes on. Homosexuality is one of the types of love which is defined as "a marriage in which two people of the same sex live together as a family" (Wikipedia, 2007). The adjective form of the word, homosexuality, comes from the Greek prefix homo-, which means same, and the Latin root sex-, which means gender. In the early years, it was considered to be a sin; and gays and lesbians were imprisoned or passed sentence of death ...view middle of the document...

Also, it is the case that some researchers develop the claim that some gays have woman mind due to the lack of those hormones.Secondly, it can be argued that social aspects play an important role on homosexuality. People always keep interaction, talking to each other in social environment. This social environment can be said to determine many things on people's way of lives. For example, people may gain a new behaviour and/or quit some habits according to the social environment they live in. So, homosexuality might be depended on social aspects either positively or negatively. This is the fact that everyone is equally born, and no one can charge someone for his/her nature. Accusing or labeling a person for his sexual preference would not be much different from promoting discrimination. Each member of the society has equal rights, so they should have equal access to government benefits. When we look at the Western cultures, it can be argued that homosexuality is gradually becoming a phenomenon as a natural part of human existence. However, it is just the opposite in Central and Eastern Europe; so, it can be concluded that homosexuality is depended heavily on social aspects of cultures.Furthermore, it can be said that psychological aspects are the third ones to regard homosexuality as an ordinary sex like being woman or man. Rather than biological or social aspects, people try to solve the matter of homosexuality inside of them. There are some important matters on evaluating psychological aspects, these are oriantation, choise, denial or self acceptance. Some doctors such as Dr. Tahir I jaz, M.D. states that homosexuals make the choice to be homosexuals unlike the belief of oriantation, which is biological aspect of homosexuality. Besides, there are some evidences stated by American Psychological...

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