The Aspects Of Literature In The Hellenistic Culture Churchvile Chili, Ib Language And Literature Essay

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Anthony Ibezim
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Who was Alexander the Great?
In 338 B.C., King Philip II of Macedonia attacked and conquered the Greeks, but he died soon after this lead to his son Alexander to become the leader. Alexander was only 20 years old when he became king a Macedonia Alexander the Great and King Philp II of Macedonia were both trying to carry out the dream of “world conquest”
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Conquering the world
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Alexander the Great began his conquest by crushing a Greek revolt in Thebe; He ordered the death of 6,000 people and sold everyone else into slavery. By having this brutality it convinced not to fight back.
Alexander set his sights on the Persian Empire and began his attack by conquering Egypt; Egyptians viewed Alexander as a liberator. In 331 B.C. Alexander attacked and defeated the mighty Persian army led by King Darius III. Alexander and destroyed the capital Persepolis. Alexander led his army to conquer India. After taking the Indus River Valley, Alexander’s troops begged him to return home after 11 years away from their homes while conquering the empire. By 323 B.C. Alexander had conquered a massive empire.
Legacy of Alexander
Hellenistic Culture
Alexander’s empire was the largest of the classical era, but it was short lived (13 years) and was never governed. He was a military genius and well educated. His interest in Greek history and culture as well as Persian, You can also research articles or find “filler” articles by accessing the World Wide Web. You can write about a variety of topics but try to keep your articles short.
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Alexander had plans of governing and unifying his kingdom, but he fell ill and died at the age of 32.
Alexander left behind an important...

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