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The Aspects Of Multiculturalism Essay

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A country built on immigration, Canada has long had a reputation of being culturally and ethnically diverse. While multiculturalism is meant to be built on equality and appreciation of different cultures, its concept has gained both support and opposition. On one hand, it allows for more assortment and the voices of minorities have a higher chance to be heard. On the other hand, loss of unity and conflicts may occur due to contrasting worldviews of the citizens. All in all, multiculturalism is a controversial policy that has both advantages and disadvantages, but has proven to be a successful strategy in Canada.

Multiculturalism has many positive effects, including but not limited to ...view middle of the document...

Multiculturalism allows for that to take place because “Canadians who speak many languages and understand many cultures make it easier for Canada to participate globally in areas of education, trade and diplomacy” (Canadian Multiculturalism).

Negative aspects of multiculturalism are also in effect, such as incoherence within a nation, loss of national identity, and conflicts among different ethnic groups. First of all, while differences are highlighted and encouraged, they are also a cause of disjointedness among the different ethnic groups in a country because they fail to function as one nation, instead forming small communities. This often causes a lack of communication between such ethnic groups and leads to a loss of unity in a country. Furthermore, immigration and pluralism often lead to a diminishment or complete disappearance of national identity in a multicultural country. An example of this is Canada because it was created on the basis of immigration without having its own distinct culture from the beginning, but choosing to include different cultures instead to become what is known today as a multicultural society. While generally it is seen in a positive light, it often raises concern that the country’s identity may disappear altogether in the future. Finally, intense pluralism is oftentimes a reason for riots and conflicts, indirectly related to immigrants or ethnicity. For example, in France tension among ethnic groups and riots have happened in the past because of the conditions of the communities where the original immigrants settled in, combining high unemployment rates and discrimination. (“France Riots”) Sweden has also seen some riots occurring, evidently motivated by increasing inequality in income distribution in the country. As the country’s immigration rates increased, certain areas in Sweden are seeing the unemployment rates rise. According to Rothschild’s article “What’s behind Sweden’s youth riots?”, “unemployment, failing schools, and structural racism are contributing factors to what is happening today”, indicating that in this case...

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