The Aspects, Preventions And Treatment Of Eating Disorders On Teenagers In America.

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The Aspects, Preventions and Treatment of Eating Disorders on Teenagers in America.

Is there, perhaps, an exact definition of perfection? It is really difficult to prevent people from falling into diseases and disorders related to self-esteem, image, and fashion; when there are so many myths, speculations, and complications in terms of the human body and the perception that others have of us. Eating disorders, such as the name says, revolve around the food, so those are diseases that are really difficult to combat, because eating is necessary for the body, and it good performance, but unfortunately media has created a distorted figure of beauty. We can find several eating disorders but on the era the most important are the Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa, the first one is defined as “an eating disorder characterized by a purposeful weight loss far beyond the normal range. Fear of being fat is almost always an overriding factor in this pursuit. A desire to perfect one's self through one's body, and by extension in every other way, is also a strong characteristic and can supersede the reality of body structure and function, resulting in a distorted body image.” (“Anorexia Nervosa” 2) and the second one that is defined as “an eating disorder that is closely linked to anorexia nervosa. This is an emotionally based disorder in which food is used as a means of satisfying inner needs. In contrast to anorexia, in which restriction of food is used as a means of gaining control, in bulimia, eating unusually large amounts of food, bingeing, and then purging is a response to distress”(“Bulimia Nervosa” 4) just as is cited in Diane Yancey´s “Eating Disorders” book. As science and technology advance there are new diseases, both physical and mental, thus ignoring many of its causes and consequences. The issue of eating disorders generates many questions because sometimes they can be confused with a healthy lifestyle for fashion, beauty and health. These cases are mostly reflected in different professions like acting and modeling. The US News reports that At least 10 million Americans are estimated to suffer from potentially life-threatening eating disorders (Duke Medicine). Eating disorders have become an area of concern with teenagers in America. This problem has become one of the most controversial issues in American society; Social factors have lead to the beginning of diseases as Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa. The lack of integration and low self-esteem can be some of the most influential factors; however, to avoid these difficulties it is important to be able to recognize the diseases, know how to prevent these illnesses, and to learn about effective treatments if necessary.

It is said that eating disorders are a problem that is marked in this society because the power of the human being has been modified, leaving behind the traditional manners and simplicity of life, this happens because every day society is dominated more and more by consumerism. The...

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