The Assassin Original Writing Essay

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The Assassin- Original Writing

The huge modern edifice leered down taunting the lesser buildings. The
wind howled by as if in agonizing pain. The great spotlight on top of
the Bateson building penetrated the unforgiving black night. The rows
and rows of slippery Washington elm tress swayed to and fro as the
wind picked up. Electric white icicles drooped depressingly of the
edge of the hard cold perimeter walls. The immeasurable steel gate
bowed down to the oncoming security guards. The building was an
impenetrable fortress no one went in without going through a series of
harsh and costly precautions of course there was the one exception

Mr. Bateson the company chairman and criminal mastermind his influence
spread from Tokyo to Honolulu. He was a known criminal and everyone
was after him from rival criminals to the F.B.I

A week before:

A man was parked in a seedy, dingy part of London. The night sky
stared down and the wind wailed past. The man got out of the transit
and walked down the empty street. He turned one corner then another
and another. Eventually the man came to his destination a backstreet
leading on to leather market road .The man stopped and leant against
the dilapidated wall took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it
with a match. The man started nervously tapping his foot on the floor.
The moon rose overhead it was 3 o’clock in the morning the man waited
until 3:10 ‘Finally’ the man thought ‘He will be here any minute’.
Suddenly a man came out of the chilling darkness baring a knife. He
wore a balaclava over his face to conceal his identity. He walked
right up to the petrified man. ‘Gimmie your money NOW’ the man
staggered but sharply pulled out his wallet and warily handed it to
the thief ‘and that watch’ said the thief. ‘Ermmm’ stammered the man.
Without warning the thief forcefully slumped forward onto the man .He
was dead. In the thief’s place stood a tall mysterious man brandishing
a colt’45 gold cap with silencer ‘I take it your Paul?’ questioned the
assassin ‘ermm yes’ faltered the man ‘yes its Paul. Paul Hancock’.
‘Ok’ continued the unidentified man ‘by the way you won’t be charged
for this little incident here, speaking of charges its £20,000 for a
man and £40,000 for women or children. ‘It’s a man’ interrupted Paul
‘he’s called Alex, Alex Bateson’ ‘here’s £1000’ Paul handed the
assassin a bundle of money. ‘Ill has £10,000 put into your bank
tomorrow and the rest of the money delivered by courier when I know
the job has been successfully carried out. I hope never to speak to
you again’ and with that Paul Hancock turned and began the long walk
to his van. He turned around before crossing the street, the assassin
had vanished .Paul Hancock carried on into the the night and
eventually he to vanished.

The sky was as dark as ever....

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