The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln And The Conspiracy Of 1865. An Imagined Autobiography Of The Assassinator.

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To whom it may concern:My name is Louis. Here I sit; in this tiny room; at this small wooden night table; amongst the shadows that hide between the spaces of light and my sanity; trying to write. Here I sit; staring, for the last time out a porthole of a window into a world of whose pleasures I will no longer experience. It is so quiet. If not for the faint pattering of rain droplets upon the pane of glass, I fear that I will surely go insane. If I am not already. Sunken, am I, in my mind's misery. Doomed to either to run, to hide; or to lie in a lonesome grave of which I will suffer eternally. Yet I write. I write the truth. For it must be told. By night's end you shall either find me handing this paper to you, or dangling above it from a rope that now rests under the floor board. No matter which outcome I should arrive at before dawn, this must be told.I am Louis Weichmann; that is the name of what is left of the conscience in this decrepit form. So appropriately, I say, I was Louis Weichmann. Now, I do not even feel human. For I took part in a plot of not only deceit and death but of mutiny and treason. A plot to tear apart the government of the United States of America did I hold a part. A plot to murder the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and General of the Armed Forces. Though I took no physical action to achieve these goals, my very silence condemns my soul to where I belong, beneath the greater depths of Hell. Had I alerted the proper authorities, Mr. Lincoln might still be alive. Cowardly am I.But now the time has come when further forbearance and silence would be a crime against myself. And though I should go down to death as the penalty for placing these pages before the world, I will once and for all have my say. And as long as right is right and God is God, I believe there is justice enough in the American people to stand by a man who knows he is right. I cannot right this wrong, and for that I am truly guilty. But I can share the tale so that those whom this affects and all the world will hinder any other horrible deed that might plaque our great nation.John Wilkes Booth, whose motives were carried with him to his grave and his secrets only Eternity will reveal, did not need a bullet to immortalize that great man, once Abraham Lincoln. He, who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, will now be remembered forever as the victim of a brutal murder whose reasons are still not clear, or even known. But he would have been remembered anyway; not as a victim, but a the hero who released the Negro people from slavery.So I sit...writing my account; full account of the Conspiracy against the United States of America in 1865....I had known John from college and when he offered me board in his home in Washington City for a cheap price, I wholeheartedly accepted. After meeting his mother Mary, I took a particular liking to them, and after a period, I came to think of the Surratts as family. I paid only thirty five dollars a month...

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1276 words - 6 pages finical income. Also, with the new territories arriving, and states forming, the tension increased between states that allowed slavery and states that didn’t allow slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union during the Civil war, and he brought the Civil war to an end. Robert E. Lee fought on the Confederate side and was a general, yet, he did not agree with the reasoning or the idea of the secession but kept true to his loyalty to his

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