'the Assassination Of Jfk' An Official Report (Lee Harvey Oswald Was The Lone Assassin)

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It has been over forty years since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. On that day, the world witnessed an atrocious and shocking act of violence directed against a man, a family, a nation, and against all mankind. This Investigations Unit was set up under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its aim in creating this report lies in the desire to present to the American people and to the world, a sense of renewed truth and hopefully, as a consequence, a sense of finality over the horrific acts described above. This report has the potential to achieve its aim through establishing cumulative and more concrete understanding regarding the events occurring at the time of and during the moments after the assassination. This renewed investigation into the assassination and the theories surrounding it has found the Warren Report to be the most truthful. With the manipulation of evidence now humbly afforded to us through technology, this Unit has found that, for once and for all, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President Kennedy, and was in no way connected with any other party. The following report endeavors to explain both the motives and the actions of one of history's most renowned assassins.Focus Question One: What were Oswald's motives for wanting to assassinate JFK?On the basis of the evidence made available to this Investigations Unit, we agree that Oswald acted alone. Therefore, to determine the motives for the assassination of President Kennedy, one must look to the assassin himself. Each of the following motives contributed to Oswald's capacity to risk everything in the cruel and irresponsible actions he committed.Many of the key ideas for this focus question are interconnected and complementary to each other, so consequently repetition of evidence was hard to avoid.Key Idea 1: Oswald's deep rooted resentment of all authority which was expressed in a hostility toward every society in which he livedKey Idea 2: His inability to enter into meaningful relationships with people, and a continuous pattern of rejecting his environment favor of new surroundingKey Idea 3: His urge to try to find a place in history and despair at times over failures in his various undertakingsThroughout his life, Oswald longed for attention. In his childhood he felt isolated from those closest to him; his mother showed him very little affection and he grew up in an environment lacking a father figure. This Unit believes that these facts contributed to his alienated and introverted character which in turn created a huge longing for attention. In the BBC documentary "The Kennedy Assassination - BEYOND CONSPRIACY",Lee's own brother said: "He (Lee) was so extremely fixed with making an impression with his life." and "He wanted attention by being unique." These quotes by someone who possibly had one of the closest connections to Lee throughout his troubled life offer a personal bearing to Lee's character.According to Chapter...

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