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The Assassination Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Rome was the most powerful empire that ruled the world, from Europe to Africa, and Syria to Spain. During the first century AD, the Roman Empire ruled with superiority and ruthlessness. The powerful Roman empire became a mirror of civilization of authority, strength to fear, dictatorship, and voraciousness. These powerful aristocrats were emperors, sat on the top of Rome’s social order, but many of these emperors abused their status and ability. Roman emperors’ history was all mixed ingredients of love, assassination, vengeance, terror, voracity, jealousy, and haughtiness.
The first century AD of the Roman Empire became a perilous period of imperialism because hereditary rule. Emperors in this epoch were not selected based on their skill and trustworthiness, but they were merely born in the hierarchical order. The Roman imperial throne presented such enormous power; the rule of hierarchy was always open to clarification. Members of the royal houses were pushed for positions and used their authoritative power to obtain what they wanted. Emperors had no elections and term limits; it is a job for life. Once an emperor's reign the throne, there was no easy way of withdrawal. The emperor could only endure if they people believed in their dominance, that they can be superior to anyone and everyone. When an empire’s army displeased with the emperors ability, he was in great fear. If dissatisfaction of the emperor’s ability spreads further, he reigned was completely finished. The reward of the emperor’s power was enormous, but it was seriously a dangerous power.
A Roman emperor and his family lived in luxurious life. They enjoyed an excellent wealth, authority, and rights. The Roman imperial family ate the best foods, and dressed in the most expensive garments. But in exchange of the extravagant life and enormous power, it has always a power struggle. Succession to the emperor’s throne was a conflict between members of the imperial family. As an outcome, political conspiracy filled royal palaces. Political successors jostle their position. Royal families became rivals for the throne. Eventually, betrayal, and murder were the ultimate prize to secure way to the throne, and only the toughest and most determined could last.
Julius Ceasar became a governor of Spain. In 60 B.C he returned to Rome and after a year, he was chosen as a consul. He also allied himself to Pompey, a great and famous warrior of Rome; and Cracuss, a well-known Roman multimillionaire. Pompey and Crasuss was a rival, but Julius Ceasar became their negotiator and earning the trust of the two men, together they formed the “first triumvirate”. Crasuss was a great help for Ceasar’s political rise by offering political and financial support. Ceasar political alliance with Pompey and Crasuss became his stepping stone for powerful domination. Caesar orchestrated a riot when he wanted to pay off Pompey’s soldier, allocating them a public land. The Chaos was his way to get what he desired. He...

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