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The assassination of Abraham Lincoln, not a simple act committed by a confederate sympathizer, stems from larger, more intricate conspiracies involving Andrew Johnson, the Church of Rome, and Jefferson Davis.
Although there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the murder, a proven conspiracy can be found in most textbooks. In the assassination of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was not the only man behind the well-orchestrated plot. This proven conspiracy does support the idea that Booth was a southern sympathizer who wanted to get revenge on the president who had just destroyed his beloved confederacy. Booth, with various other conspirators, were set on creating a plan to get their ...view middle of the document...

Lincoln was soon rushed out of the theater, and later died the next morning at 7:22 a.m. (Abraham). As for Booth, he met up with co-conspirator David Herold and headed south toward southern Maryland where they hid out in a house (Abraham). Although Booth managed to flee south, Union soldiers remained on the lookout for the assassin. Soon, a group of Union soldiers found Booth in the house and set fire to it (Abraham). The house burnt down, but Booth miraculously survived for three more hours before dying (Abraham). Although this is the accepted conspiracy and the proven timeline of events surrounding the assassination, Booth was not a simple confederate sympathizer, he was put up to the task by another, more powerful source.
Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate States during the civil war, surely had reason to want to see the Union president dead. As Lincoln was assassinated only five days after the surrender of the confederacy, Davis could have easily been a part of this plot. Being the President of the confederacy, Jefferson Davis had the monetary funds to finance an assassin such as Booth. According to Chiniquy, author and friend of Abraham Lincoln, “Surely Jefferson Davis has promised the money to reward the assassin and nerve their arms,” (403). In order to support Chiniquy, O’Reilly, historian and author, states, “They [the conspirators] have guns, financing, and a precise plan,” this financing stemming from Davis (4). Days before the assassination, accounts of meetings between Booth and Davis’s closest advisors occurred, “forging a direct bond between himself [Booth] and the confederacy,” (O’Reilly 27). Aside from simply financing Booth and the co-conspirators, Davis was also believed to give Booth the weapons and a list of southern sympathizers needed to assassinate Lincoln (O’Reilly 27). Although, Jefferson Davis’s underlying motive most likely was that he was attempting to bring the confederacy back to power with the help of his sympathizers. Booth, a southern sympathizer himself, was also keeping the hope alive that he could bring the crumbling, shattered confederacy back to power (Ragone 68). These conspirators of the President would have then felt as if they were doing their...

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