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The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy

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Few people knew what events the day held on November 22, 1963, but by mid-afternoon one of the most tragic events to ever plague not only the United States but the entire world. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy would go on to be one of the most infamous days in history; surrounded in scandals, controversy, and conspiracy.
There were three main reasons that the president was in Dallas, Texas. One of those reasons being his mission of reelection. Another reason was to raise more Democratic Party presidential campaign funds for the November 1964 presidential election. Finally to build up his relationships with fighting democratic parties within Texas where the Kennedy-Johnson ticket had barely won in 1960, and especially in Dallas where he had lost the vote (Historymania, Para 1). Air Force One came to a landing in Dallas Love Field at 11:39 on the morning of November 22, 1963; only a few minutes behind schedule. This did not detour the anxious citizens who wanted to see the president, some giving him gifts such as charcoal portraits, while others gathered with signs of protest over what they believed to be questionable doings in office. Regardless Kennedy continued toward his motorcade shaking the hands of the citizens of Dallas through and over a chain-link fence that separated him from the public (Bishop, 123,126).
At the same time President Kennedy was shaking hands with the public a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald was going about a peculiar series of events, which no one thought to be out of character for a man with his level of social detachment. Oswald wrote, “I was the son of insurance agent whose early death left a far mean streak of independence brought on by neglect.” It seemed as though Oswald was always fixed on making an impression with his life (Jennings). Within the Texas School Book Depository, his place of employment, Oswald took perch at a window on the sixth floor, a vantage point where someone wishing to see the presidential motorcade could see it pass by on both Houston Street and turn the corner to go down Elm Street as well (Bishop, 124). This peculiar man goes on to become the most important factors in the assassination of Kennedy.
The motorcade consisting of 24 cars began its journey through downtown Dallas by leaving Love Field 11:55 A.M. Just before leaving, Kennedy said to crowd of people welcoming him, “This is a real Texas welcome….” (Bishop, 129-131) The motorcade then began to load; the president’s car was set to hold six individuals; President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the back seat, Governor John Connally, his wife Nellie Connally, and secret service agents Roy Kellerman and Bill Greer the limousine driver. (Historymania, Para 3) The motorcade route would begin by leaving Love Field and heading toward and turning right on Main Street which would have led directly to the Stemmons Freeway, which was the ending point of the parade. Instead of...

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