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The Assembly And Components Of The Boeing 727

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There are thousands of jobs performed on the Queen of the sky, the Boeing 747 also called as the jumbo jet, for its final assembly. 747 is an advanced long range airliner, it is a product of complex, demanding collaborative design process. 747 is an icon of the modern age. It is the longest airliner in the world. This system is comprised of components which are complex, independent and interacts to achieve a common goal.

The birth of the Jumbo jet in the late 1960’s heralded the modern intercontinental mass transportation. It represents the impressive results of an intensive engineering, design process and also the spirit of its era, a time when belief in progress, including access to air travel, was a phenomenal force. So much so that corporations and government alike began to dream out loud about supersonic travel, about moving people across the earth through sheer speed.
The evolution of the Boeing 747 started with the world’s first jumbo jet 747-100, the first 747. This model started in 1970 with Pratt & Whitney, but in 1975 engines were provided by General Electric and Rolls-Royce. A total of 250 Boeing 747-100’s were delivered.
Boeing 747-200 was modified from 747-100 but it took same time to design as that of 747-100. First 747-200 went into commercial service in 1971. 747-200 was called as a freighter, which is a combination of passenger-freighter and a convertible. Boeing delivered a total of 393 Boeing 747-200’s, the last in 1991.
747-300 was designed with most significant changes like an extended upper deck, improved engines with less than 25% of fuel burn per passenger, in addition, 10% increase in passenger capacity. 747-300 entered into service by 1983.

Stakeholders are the people, groups or communities who can be affected by any changes in policies that are made by the organization. Here in case of 747 the major stakeholders are depicted in the diagram below

The main customers for Boeing 747 can be categorized as
Government: VC-25 and VC-25A are the two versions of 747-200B famous for its role as Air Force One of carrying the President of the United States. A number of other governments also...

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