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The Assembly Of First Nations Essay

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Throughout the history of Canada the indigenous population of the country have been voiceless. They have been both suppressed and oppressed by the Federal and various Provincial governments within Canada. Many organizations tried to provide a voice for the native population but failed in their attempt. These organizations eventually merged together to become what is now known as The Assembly of First Nations. The Assembly of First Nations gives voice to the issues and problems facing the different components of the aboriginal community in Canada.
To start, there are a few key things people should know about the Assembly of First Nations such as: how they were formed, what exactly the ...view middle of the document...

The National Indian Brotherhood was founded in 1969. The organization lasted for 10 years until the First Nations travelled to London England where they decided they needed to establish a new organization that would provide voice to all of the Indigenous citizens with in the homeland. A year after the meeting in London, many First Nations Chiefs met in Ottawa where they collectively wrote the Declaration of First Nations. At the 1982 National Assembly of the Indian Brotherhood the Assembly of First Nations was founded. Secondly, in simple terms, the Assembly of First Nations basically provides voice for the First Nations community in both the Federal and Provincial sectors of the Canadian government. In the charter of The Assembly of First Nations it is stated that the organization is determined to do many things. One example is to protect the reducing population from colonialism, to make sure that their human rights are being met by both the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada. Another example is that The Assembly is also trying to make sure that the First Nations are not being subjected to culturally genocide and that their rights are met as civilians of this planet under both the Charter of The Assembly of First Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Lastly, The Assembly of First Nations gives voice to the issues and problems facing the different components of the aboriginal community of Canada through the multiple Grand Chiefs former and most recent. The first Grand Chief was elected at the 1982 General Assembly in Penticton, British Columbia. His name was David Ahenekaw; David was born in 1933 on the Sandy Lake Indian reserve. David served as Grand Chief until 1985, during his years in office he achieved many things for the First Nations People’s most notably was his attendance at the first minister conferences, this was the first time First Nations had any say in constitution that was directed towards them. Other notable Grand Chiefs of The Assembly of First Nations will be addressed in the following paragraphs. Cleary, The Assembly of First Nations does a lot of things thus shown through their history and their first Grand Chief, David Ahenekaw.

Secondly, The Assembly of First Nations provides gives voice to the issues and problems facing the different components of the aboriginal community in Canada through the various sectors of this organization. To start, there are numerous levels of power within the Assembly of First Nations. The highest power belongs to the Grand Chief of The Assembly of First Nations. The Grand Chief essentially is the spokesperson for all of the organization and all First Nations people within the Country. The most recent Grand Chief is Shawn Atleo, he recently resigned due to the stress the position puts on the person with this responsibility. The Grand Chief works at a Federal level. Under the Grand Chief are regular Chiefs who work on the Provincial aspects of First Nations. The...

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