The Assistance Of Eating Disorders By Depression

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The Assistance of Eating Disorders by Depression

As a fragile young girl entered the hospital, several people stop to stare at her

fragile body. As the physicians examine her, they begin to realize she hasn’t eaten in

days. Several physicians begin to ask her questions concerning her eating behaviors. All

she her behavior during the exam they noticed how depressed the girl seemed to be.

When the exam was over the girl was immediately admitted to the psychiatric unit of the

hospital, for treatment on Anorexia.

Depression is a psychiatric illness that can affect individuals in several different

ways. Eating disorders are commonly found in people that struggle with depression.

Most have to under go several years of extensive therapy to conquer the illness. And

unfortunately after all the therapy some times they never get cured. Depression is a

serious state of mind that can lead to multiple eating disorders.

Depression can lead to an eating disorder called Bulimia. Bulimia is an eating

condition where an individual eats what they want but then vomits it back out. This

disorder is usually done when an individual feels fat but cannot over become their bad

eating habits. Bulimia is commonly found in most young adults today. “ Most bulimics

are females in their teens or early twenty’s” (Tran 2). But, unfortunately most parents

don’t realize that their child has this disorder until it is out of control. “ Because bulimia

results from an excessive concern with weight control and self-image, and is often

accompanied by depression, it also considered a psychiatric illness” (1). Although, there

are a wide variety of psychological evaluations that can help detect and resolve the

situation. The young adult could still struggle with the return of the disease in

the future. And may need to seek psychological help off and on through their lifetime.

Another common eating disorder called Anorexia is unlike Bulimia. Depression

can also lead up to this disorder too. Anorexia is an eating condition where the individual

doesn’t eat at all. This is usually done when the individual is noticing their self as being

fat. Even though they starve their self, each time they look in the mirror they feel they

are still to heavy. There are a wide variety of individuals who may have this disorder.

“ Over 90% of patients diagnosed with the disorder as of 1998 are females” (Frey 2).

But, not all of them are young adults. This disorder can even affect an individual later in

life as they age. “ The peak age range for onset of the disorder is 14-18 years, although

there are patients who develop anorexia as late as their forty’s” (3). And when the

individual is closely related to a sick person they to can become associated with the

disease. “Women who biological mothers or sisters have the disorder appeared to be


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