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In the book The Assistant, Frank Alpine is the most important character. The book mainly revolves around Frank's change from a dishonest character that lies and steals, to a character that becomes as honest and caring as his teacher, Morris Bober. From the first chapter you can see how generous and kind Morris Bober is. He opens his store every day at six o' clock just to sell a 3 cent roll. Also in the first chapter Morris gives food credit to a drunken woman even though he knows he will never be repaid. When you first meet Frank he is secretly living in Morris Bober's cellar. He is stealing rolls and milk every morning from Morris, but the author makes you feel sorry for him. You believe that he is a good man at heart, but is just having a rough time. When Morris finds him in the cellar instead of calling the police and kicking him out, he feeds him and offers him to stay. Frank begs Morris for forgiveness and offers to help him with the store for no pay. Still as the book goes on Frank seems to be a good man. When Morris falls on the ice, Frank carries him in and helps keep the store open. The first day Frank runs the store he brings in 15 dollars, which is much more than the store had been earning. Soon after he helps Morris with the store, he starts stealing money from Morris. Frank was also one of the people involved in the robbing of Morris in the beginning of the book. Frank also has an obsession with Morris's daughter Helen. He goes and spies on her while she is in the shower. This proves that he cannot control his sexual desires, which is another downfall in his character. He does not know how to love at this point, and is just interested in her for physical reasons and sex. Frank stays and helps Morris in the store. Morris believes business is getting better because Frank brings in the non-Jewish customers. As Frank works with Morris he also begins to learn Morris's morals. In chapter 4 Frank criticizes a man with terminal cancer, named Al Marcus. He thinks Al is weak because he doesn't make any money, but he keeps working and trying. According to Morris Al is strong because he insists on working and not giving up. This is one of Morris's lessons to Frank. Morris is trying to pass on his morals to Frank. Frank, at this point does not really understand fully, but is beginning to try and change his ways. In the middle of the book Frank internally wants to be good. He wants to stop stealing, but he...

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